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FEATURES (2020-2021)

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TUES. | 05-25-21 | FEATURES

Staff writer Ava Alger reports on Rose students who have begun working while in school. 


MON. | 05-24-21 | FEATURES

Staff writer Layne Mills interviews and highlights science teacher Scott Johnson’s time at Rose, giving insight into his favorite moments, passion for teaching as well as approaching transition to John Paul II Catholic. 


MON. | 05-10-21 | FEATURES

Features staff writer Ava Alger interviews various Rose graduates of the years 2000-2020, reflecting on past traditions and new activities of the school. 

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WED. | 05-05-21 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Annie Sullivan provides an overview of who J. H. Rose the person was and what caused the school to be named after him.


MON. | 05-03-21 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Annie Sullivan speaks to alumni to find out what Rose was like from 1980-1999.

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MON. | 05-03-21 | FEATURES

Features staff writer Layne Mills speaks to alumni to find out what Rose was like from 1960-1979.

Disclaimer: All photos in which Rampant Lines members are shown without masks were taken prior to COVID-19.


SUN. | 05-02-21 | FEATURES

Features staff writer Kemorah Ullah interviews a few Rose students who are also pet-owners of unique animals.


FRI. | 04-30-21 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Lilly Seymours interviews a few Rose students surrounding the topic of autism and those with neurotypical disorders, attempting to provide insight into the condition as a form of appreciation. 

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TUES. | 04-27-21 | FEATURES

Staff writer Anna McLean Evans discusses and interviews several students concerning heightened academic performance and pressure. 


MON. | 04-05-21 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Annie Sullivan reports on the Rose students who are taking dual enrollment classes with Pitt Community College in an effort to earn their Associate's degrees. 


THURS. | 04-01-21 | FEATURES

Co-Editor-in-Chief Murphy Fisher and Opinion Editor Lexi Karaivanova interview Paige Kennerly and Jackson Semple about their friendship. 

Ava- Homecoming Festivities COVER.png

SUN. | 03-28-21 | FEATURES

Staff writer Ava Alger discusses the recent homecoming game and the seniors who it meant so much to, particularly those on the homecoming court. 

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SUN. | 03-21-21 | FEATURES

Staff writer Kemorah Ullah describes a few Rose seniors’ recent struggles in choosing colleges in light of COVID-19 precautions.


FRI. | 03-19-21 | FEATURES

Features staff writers Layne Mills, Kemorah Ullah, Dorsey Parrott and Ava Alger created a podcast to discuss different Generation Z fashion trends.

Phillip Walter picture.jpg

THURS. | 03-18-21 | FEATURES

Staff writer Layne Mills interviews Phillip Walter on his involvement in music both by recording his first original song and by performing in a band. 


WED. | 03-17-21 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editors Lilly Seymour and Annie Sullivan join with News Co-Editor Emmie Brooks to create a podcast that covers various emerging business endeavors as well as Tik Tok’s influence in promoting these items.

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SUN. | 03-14-21 | FEATURES

Staff writer Ava Alger reports on the many new pets that have been adopted during quarantine and the importance of being prepared to take on the long-term responsibilities that come with pet ownership. 


SAT. | 03-13-21 | FEATURES

Features staff writer Anna McLean Evans describes the opening of the local shopping and retail store, Meg’s Boutique. JV Rose volleyball coach Meg Hall began this store at the beginning of the pandemic and it has served to attract the interest of many high schoolers around Greenville.


THURS. | 02-18-21 | FEATURES

Staff writer Jake Bradsher reports on the various scholarships Rose senior Noelle de Vente is being considered for and what she had done to make herself a competitive applicant. 



WED. | 02-17-21 | FEATURES

Staff writer Davis Harz describes senior Caroline Blandford’s new business endeavor where she was recently commissioned to paint a mural at Sup Dogs in Chapel Hill, NC. Blandford sells canvas paintings through her Instagram @cblandcreations after expanding her quarantine hobby.

The Hidden Struggles of Online Learning.

MON. | 02-15-21 | FEATURES

Features staff writer Ava Alger provides interviews with several Rose students where they share some of their academic and emotional struggles in adjusting to online learning.


FRI. | 01-29-21 | FEATURES

News Co-Editor Emmie Brooks reports on human trafficking and the tragedy it has caused in the Rose community as well was what signs to look out for. 


MON. | 01-11-21 | FEATURES

The first semester features section works together to create a festive video.

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SAT. | 01-9-21 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Annie Sullivan interviews science teacher Alicia Carawan about her retirement.  

COVID Mckyrah 2.jpg

MON. | 01-04-21 | FEATURES

In recapping important events of the year, Features Co-Editor Emmie Brooks gives the story of senior Mckyrah Brown’s resilient experience with COVID-19 this past year which includes the tragic death of a family member.


SAT. | 01-02-21 | FEATURES

In highlighting notable occurrences to the student body in 2020, Features Co-Editor Lilly Seymour gives the story of junior Sloan Carlson’s traumatic car accident this past summer in part of this past print issue’s spread, “Unmasking 2020.”

“I think the main reason for the protest

WED. | 12-30-20 | FEATURES

As 2020 approaches its end, Features Co-Editor Lilly Seymour provides a summary of the year’s notable events including the spark in the BLM movement with interviews from Rose students who attended protests during the summer.


TUES. | 12-22-20 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Emmie Brooks provides a short tribute to a few of the many famous faces lost in 2020 including Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman and Eddie Van Halen.


SAT. | 12-19-20 | FEATURES

Staff writer Virginia Blount reports on the upcoming retirement of automotive teacher Bruce Copeland. 

hyattimage copy.JPEG

TUES. | 12-8-20 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Annie Sullivan introduces and interviews new Rose faculty member and health science teacher Alice Hyatt who teaches Nursing Fundamentals and Health Science I. 

Seniors Miss Out Image.jpeg

SAT. | 11-28-20 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Lilly Seymour highlights some of the new experiences this senior class is encountering, including the loss of usual traditions like fall formal, football games and convocation. 

CDC Travel tips.jpg

THURS. | 11-26-20 | FEATURES

Staff writer Kinsley Tate White reports on the many changes Thanksgiving plans have undergone this year to accommodate COVID-19 precautions

Virginia and KT Visual.jpeg

SUN. | 11-08-20 | FEATURES

Features staff writers Kinsley Tate White and Virginia Blount visit Stokes Family Farm and Briley's Farm Market, giving video insight into their experiences at the fall-related events.


WED. | 11-04-20 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Lilly Seymour interviewed Features Co-Editor Emmie Brooks while they walked around Greenville.


SUN. | 11-1-20 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Lilly Seymour and staff writer Annie Sullivan make vampire cookies while reviewing their favorite (and least favorite) Halloween movies.


FRI. | 10-30-20 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Lilly Seymour and staff writer Annie Sullivan tell spooky stories as they carve pumpkins in the first episode of Annie & Lilly's Spooky Spectacular.


MON. | 10-26-20 | FEATURES

Staff writer Virginia Blount reports on the new Virtual Peer Tutoring Center that honor societies at Rose are starting.

Cycle 4 photo.jpg- Kinsley Tate White.JP

SUN. | 10-25-20 | FEATURES

Features staff writer Kinsley Tate White discusses behind-the-scenes features of celebrity Mr. Beast's YouTube with Mr. Beast employee and Rose alumnus Javier Limon.


MON. | 10-19-20 | FEATURES

Features staff writer Virginia Blount describes certain students' experiences in adapting to virtual learning, including stories of various trials and triumphs of navigating an at home study environment.


SAT. | 10-17-20 | FEATURES

Features staff writer Kinsley Tate White interviews several Rose students who are of the voting age, inquiring to get an idea of their political habits and beliefs as a young voter.

%22That time I...%22 SALE.jpg

THURS. | 10-15-20 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Emmie Brooks listens to senior Lucy Ogle share a relatable high school embarrassing story in the first episode of the podcast, "That Time I...".


MON. | 10-12-20 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Lilly Seymour interviewed Sports Editor Jack Vick as he golfed.


SAT. | 10-10-20 | FEATURES

Staff writer Annie Sullivan reports on a few of the many Instagram businesses run by Rose students, their successes so far and hopes for the future.


WED. | 9-30-20 | FEATURES

Staff writer Virginia Blount covers a personality profile of Rose's newest addition, assistant principal Michael Casey. See article for complete graphic of Casey by staff writer Annie Sullivan.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg.jpg

TUES. | 9-29-20 | FEATURES

Co-Editors-in-Chief Murphy Fisher and Tierney Reardon summarize some of the many events and accomplishments which make up Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy.


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