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De Vente's hard work potentially pays dividends 

THURS.| 02-18-21 | FEATURES

     Although the Morehead-Cain and the Park scholarships are some of the hardest scholarships to receive in North Carolina, Rose senior Noelle de Vente has risen to the challenge. De Vente has always been a scholar, by maintaining good grades throughout her early years, but in high school she has pushed herself even more through attempting to earn some scholarships.

     Some of the schools and scholarships she has applied for are the Naval Academy, the Morehead-Cain Scholarship at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and the Park Scholarship at North Carolina State University. The Morehead-Cain and the Park both provide full paid tuition along with room and board and the Naval Academy has many advantages like being paid for the students’ services. Although her journey to earning these scholarships has been tough, she is committed to putting in the work for them.

     “I’m a very ambitious person….I wanted to see all my hard work pay off,” de Vente said.

     Part of de Vente’s inspiration for wanting to apply for these schools and scholarships is that both her older brother and sister attended the Naval Academy. Having already known a lot


Photo contributed by Noelle de Vente

about the academy, she and her family both thought it could be a good fit for her.

     “This academy doesn’t aim to shape a student purely academically, they aim to make you the best person physically, being as strong as you can and having endurance and also morally as a person,” de Vente said.

     De Vente’s passion of the Naval Academy, the Morehead-Cain, and Park scholarships shows how much she cares about these schools and scholarships.  De Vente said she is unsure which one of the schools she would choose to go to if she received all the scholarships. Her opinion could be swayed toward the Naval Academy because of her family relation to it but she also said that it would be very hard to pass up on the Morehead or Park scholarships if she got them.

     De Vente is a part of many different extracurricular activities both at Rose and in the Greenville community. She is the captain of the Rose swim team and is the Vice President of Competitive Events in Future Business Leaders of America. She also has done frequent work at the Third Street Education Center helping kids in need. 

     “I’ve done a bunch of violin volunteer service at Third Street,” de Vente said.

      De Vente is using her musical talents to help bring joy to people who are having a rough day or just to bring a smile to someone’s face. She has found so many ways to serve both in her school and her community, starting workshops with FBLA and playing violin at third street.

     De Vente works very hard; she pushes herself to always do better and steps up to help those in need. This attitude is what has propelled her through the application processes for the Naval Academy and the Morehead and Park scholarships. It was clear to her that they would be a tough challenge for anyone, in that they require a lot of writing, research and some physical skills. She stuck with it though, showing her commitment. Noelle has had a tough journey with these scholarships, but her sights are set high.

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