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Issue 1

September 27th, 2019

Rose students' Instagram businesses boom 

SAT.| 10-10-20 | FEATURES

     Over the past year, Instagram has started to become much more than just a social media app. Instagram has allowed people of all ages to promote their beliefs, interests and businesses.  Through the increasing popularity of using social media to advertise small businesses, the opportunities to make a profit and gain experience are becoming positively attainable. Instagram is a popular platform for young entrepreneurs because of the easy accessibility provided by the forum. Compared to common business platforms such as Etsy, eBay, and Depop, Instagram has less regulations regarding sales and does not dictate the profit received. Here at Rose, several students have begun to turn their hobbies into businesses through the use of Instagram. 

     Sophomore Lily Walker began her


Graphic by Annie Sullivan

business on social media this past June. Walker creates custom jewelry and promotes her jewelry by posting pictures of her pieces on her Instagram, @LooksByLily. 

     “I have always enjoyed making jewelry since I was a young girl,” Walker said. “As I got older I began making jewelry for my friends for something they can cherish and hold close to their heart.”

     Instagram has allowed Walker to collaborate with other girls who have a larger fan base to promote her business and to expand her followers as far as the west coast. Without social media, Walker feels that her business would hardly grow at all. 

     Junior Landen Wagoner also began his business through the use of Instagram in his account, @plugofgville. Wagoner uses his business to resell popular shoes and other clothing such as t-shirts. Instagram has allowed Wagoner to have  almost 400 transactions in total all over the US but many of his transactions have come from loyal customers.

     “Unlike other platforms, Instagram has a wide variety of people and promotes my business to not only my followers but other users' feeds,” Wagoner said. “I’ve had viewers from New York, California, and other places all through the use of the app.” 

     Starting a new business as a young adult can make it difficult to gain a large following base, but Instagram has allowed for these businesses to become more successful. The app also provides other ways to promote these businesses through the use of collaborations, partnerships and shout outs.

     “I started my own ambassador program where every month I send out a new piece in return for a shoutout,” Walker said. “Through each ambassador having a different circle of friends, my business has grown and is attracting more people to my account.” 

     These young business owners’ friends have made a huge impact on their success and are helping them develop their customer base. The dedication put into these businesses has helped shape the mindset of these students and has allowed them to let their talents shine.

     Senior Ty’Asia Woods opened a weave business this past spring due to her interest in cosmetology specifically with hair. Her instagram, @hairbytyy._, became increasingly popular when salons closed due to COVID-19. 

     “To have a successful business you have to be nice, professional, and have patience,” Woods said. “I want to open my own salon one day especially because I like to work for myself.”

     One huge pro about using Instagram is being able to control your own business economically and have a personal connection with the customers on your own terms. The app allows these students to adjust to the business environment while maintaining a high school career as well.

     “One day I hope to have my own boutique and also add international shipping,” Walker said. “However, I do not plan on hiring anyone else to create the jewelry I sell [because] I believe what I create is unique to me and I hold it close to my heart.”

     These students are hopeful that their Instagram small businesses will evolve into future careers. With goals set high and hard work ethics, these students are on the path to entrepreneurship. 

     “If you’re hoping to start a business just keep going with it and don’t stop, just be nice to people, and eventually the business will evolve,” Wagoner said. 

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