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Junius Harris Rose leads by example

WED.| 05-05-21 | FEATURES

     Who was J.H. Rose and what is the story behind how the school was named? Junius Harris Rose (1892-1972) was the Superintendent of Greenville City Schools (GCS) from 1920-1967. During his time as superintendent, Greenville High School changed its name to Junius H. Rose after reopening in 1957. Junius Rose was very dedicated to his job and happy to serve others all over North Carolina, especially war veterans. He improved welfare for those who had served and were living in Pitt County. He was given the Golden Deeds Award for his distinguished work in the school system as well as the general welfare
of the community. Not only did Rose support his community through his service work, he was also responsible for pushing for racial harmony. During the process of desegregating schools from the early 1900s to 1969, Rose was able to act as a mediator in the process of combining the Greenville High School (which was all white) with C.M. Eppes High School

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Photo contributed by Rose Yearbook

(which was the colored high school) in the 1969-1970 school year. Although GCS did not finish desegregating until after Rose’s retirement, he was able to allow two African American boys to attend Greenville High School. Many are thankful and recognize Rose’s work in setting a precedent for the community in representing volunteer work, commitment and unity.

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