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FEATURES (2020-2021)


FRI. | 9-25-20 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Lilly Seymour discusses the importance of suicide prevention after seeing the aftermath of such a tragedy firsthand. 


THURS. | 9-17-20 | FEATURES

Co-Editor-in-Chief Tierney Reardon tells of health care workers' experiences

during COVD-19 and how their families have had to adjust.

senior video cover.png

FRI. | 5-22-20 | FEATURES

For the past few weeks, Entertainment Co-Editor Olivia Stepp, with the help of student services, has worked hard to put together a video featuring the future plans for many Rose seniors. Check out this video to see where the class of 2020 is going this fall!!

IMG_7147 (1).JPG

WED.| 5-20-20 |FEATURES

For this article, staff writer Raven Bledsoe interviewed some Rose seniors from both the Boneyard and Pitt Pirates Robotics Teams. Although their year was cut short, they have many fond memories and experiences from being on the team. 


WED.| 5-13-20 |FEATURES

This past week, Opinion Co-Editor Rebecca Chemmanam interviewed the seven seniors on Rose's Mock Trial team. In her graphic, each senior shared one of their favorite memories from their time on the team before its sudden end this March. 

quarantine hobbies podcast cover art.png

TUES.| 5-12-20 |FEATURES

This week, features Co-Editor Lilly Seymour and Opinion Co-Editor Lexi Karaivanova talk with special guest Akira Brown about embroidery. Over the course of the past few weeks, Brown has revamped various clothing items, tuning in to her artistic side. 

Life after Rose.jpg

WED.| 4-29-20 |FEATURES

In this episode of Rampant Radio, Features Co-Editor Anna Carroll interviews Rose class of 2018 graduate Frances Reed. Reed now attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a Morehead-Cain Scholar and discusses how her time at Rose impacted her college major and experience. 

Senior Vid.jpg

WED. | 4-22-20 | FEATURES

For this video Emily Schmidt and Sarah Porter, the two Editors-in-Chief of Rampant lines, collected a series of video clips from their fellow seniors answering three questions: "What is something you're missing out on right now?," "Is there anything you'd like to say to your peers, teachers, teammates, or coaches?," and "What advice do you have for Rose's future seniors?"

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 12.58.21

WED. | 4-21-20 | FEATURES

For this video by features staff writer Ava Alger and news staff writer Forbes Hall, Rose faculty and staff members sent in pictures of themselves holding up messages of encouragement and hope, sharing their hearts with the students they miss so dearly. 


WED. | 4-15-20 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor AJ Hou interviews her mother, Lien Hou, the owner of local restaurant China-10 to discuss how this current pandemic has impacted the daily life and operations of small businesses.

quarantine hobbies podcast cover art.png

WED. | 4-15-20 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Lilly Seymour and Opinion Co-Editor Lexi Karaivanova introduce a new Rampant Radio series: Quarantine Hobbies. In today's debut episode, Lilly and Lexi talk with special guest Grayson Norwood about how she got into making a tapestry and how to pick the right hobby. 


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