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Seniors struggle to pick a college amid pandemic limitations

SUN.| 03-21-21 | FEATURES

     Senior year usually entails going on college tours, visiting friends who are already in college and many other activities that go into deciding which college you want to go to. The ongoing pandemic has made participating in said activities quite difficult. Rose seniors Emma Anderson, Aniya Scott, and Mackenzie Werderman definitely understand that struggle.

     COVID-19, picking the best college for your major, family and friends are all factors that have added a lot of stress onto some seniors' decision making process. COVID-19 has prevented Anderson from going on some of her college tours which is making it harder for her to narrow down her choices. 

     “It makes me really nervous because I’m scared that I’ll only see them from COVID-19 restrictions and then once I pick a college and I get there, it's not going to be what I thought at all,” Anderson said.

     The ongoing pandemic has caused some colleges to go all virtual, place restrictions on on-campus housing and many other changes that make it hard for students to get the full college experience. These changes have caused Scott to think about where she can get her desired experience because that is a big factor in her decision process.

     Since COVID-19 has caused many changes to how colleges are run, a lot of students wonder if going to a college that entails an expensive tuition is even worth it. Werderman has thought about that so she is trying to figure out which colleges are really worth it with COVID-19 restrictions.

     “I don’t want to pick a school with high tuition and then not be able to actually be on campus and in class,” Werderman said. 

     Anderson and Scott already know what they want to major in so that played a big part in their application process and it is playing an even bigger part in their decision process. By looking at which schools offer the best program for their major, they are able to narrow down their choices. 

     “Tennessee is still reviewing their nursing applications so that is a big part of the decision process too,” Anderson said. “If I get into their nursing program it's going to make it harder to pick where I want to go, but if I don’t get in it will make it a lot easier.”

     In addition to COVID-19 restrictions and picking the best college for your major, being away from family is something that a lot of seniors take into careful consideration when choosing what college to go to. Family is a big factor in Werderman's decision making process.

     “Since my mom is a single mom I still want to be able to help her and my brothers,” Werderman said.

     Another factor seniors think about is if they want to be with people they already know or not. Some students prefer to branch out and meet new

seniors struggling to pick a college.png

Graphic by Kemorah Ullah

people while others are more comfortable going to school with people they already know. Scott wouldn’t mind being in either situation because she believes there are pros and cons to both. Anderson and Werderman want to be with a few people they know so there is always someone they can find comfort in, but also want the chance to get to know more people.

     “I’m such an introvert so I think I want like one or two people that I’m already friends with just so that I know I have a comfort person if I ever get overwhelmed but I still want the chance to meet new people and make new friends,” Anderson said.

     Anderson, Scott and Werderman still have until May 1 to take every factor possible into consideration before they must decide. Although it has been a struggle, they are confident the college they choose to attend will be one that is perfect for them.

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