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Rose welcomes newest health science faculty addition Alice Hyatt

TUES.| 12-8-20 | FEATURES

     Along with all of the adjustments to the 2020 school year, Rose has welcomed a new health science teacher, Alice Hyatt. Hyatt has been a teacher for a total of 13 years, three years at Greenville Middle School, one year at E.B. Aycock Middle School, 20 years as a nurse, eight years at North Pitt High School, before finally making it to Rose. Hyatt has spent many years as a teacher and a nurse. Hyatt teaches Nursing Fundamentals and Health Science one here at Rose and cannot wait to see what Rose has in store for her.

     Hyatt transferred to Rose this school year to be closer to home and to her kids who will all be at Rose soon. However, throughout a difficult school year, Hyatt feels that because of COVID-19 her transition to Rose has been made easier. 

“I am getting to immerse myself with the students at a slower rate so I think coming to Rose as an experienced teacher, COVID has actually made it easier for me,” Hyatt

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Graphic by Annie Sullivan


     The hybrid learning environment has been an interesting change for Hyatt. She feels that online learning is a continuous process of adjusting for both students and teachers. However, Hyatt’s Nursing Fundamentals class has been faced with exponential changes. In a typical school year, the class would have been placed in a nursing home for 40 hours of clinical experience. Although with recent changes, this is not permitted. 

     “Instead of us actually getting to work with real patients we are having to pretend we are the patients ourselves ... or [we have to] use mannequins,” Hyatt said. “Unfortunately that doesn’t give the students the real-world experience of [how] patients feel, act or respond to us.”

     With all of the adjustments for Hyatt and her students, she is curious to see how these changes will affect her students with their state exam. In spite of this, she is eager to see their growth through this new process. With Hyatt’s strong background as a teacher and a nurse, she feels she will be the best example for these students and provide them with the best critique.

     Hyatt also plans on getting very involved here at Rose with the students through HOSA. As a health science teacher, she wants students to become involved with competitive events in HOSA as she feels that she can be a great teacher and encourage them to succeed. Hyatt also feels that she can become a great resource for Rose students.

     “I feel that I am very inclusive and I am very accepting of anybody no matter what race, neighborhood, or sexual preference,” Hyatt said. “I promote them to be whoever they want to be as long as they’re successful.”  

    Hyatt’s number one goal is to encourage students to become hard workers and achieve success because she believes that everyone has equal opportunities. She does this by demonstrating to her students how much of a hard worker she is through her side business, Pirate Cryo. Her entrepreneurship sets a great example for her students. 

     Although this is a difficult school year, amongst all of the drastic changes being made to Hyatt’s classes, she is eager to continue her career at Rose. She cannot wait to see her students grow through the help of her and the rest of the Rose staff and community. 

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