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Rose homecoming goes on despite pandemic

SUN.| 03-28-21 | FEATURES

     With all of the change this past year, students have finally been able to experience a sense of normalcy. Recently, on Friday, Mar. 19, the homecoming varsity football game announced the homecoming court during halftime. Students are very excited to have the opportunity to resume some Rose traditions and are thankful that COVID-19 did not hinder their school spirit. 

     “I’m excited; it’s a tradition that needed to be done,” senior Rowdy Rampant leader Carson Everette said. “Mrs. Haynes, Mrs. Jacobson and [Coach] Bland have worked hard to do it too.”

     Many students, especially seniors, are grateful they had the opportunity to attend football games this year, even if it was limited. The fact that students were anticipating for this tradition to occur this school year, they were over and beyond enthusiastic to see this finally happen. The Rose community is thankful to see the continuation of this annual event.

     “It has made our [senior year] so much better because I really thought we weren’t going to be in the stands watching football games,” senior Rowdy Rampant leader Harrison Gray said. “The homecoming game is a big deal because it is the last one we will

Ava- Homecoming Festivities COVER.png

Graphic by Ava Alger

ever have and it’s usually a big deal in general- seeing all of the people that are winning homecoming queen.”

     For some homecoming court nominees, winning a place on the court has been very meaningful. Senior Fallan Younce won homecoming queen and holds this spot very close to her heart.

     “My mom and my grandma were both homecoming queens at their high schools and they were very influential in representing their school, so this family tradition means a lot to me,” Younce said. “There is a [necklace] that my grandma wore at her homecoming game and then my mom wore it and then I get to wear it, so it’s kind of cool because it’s like a generation thing.”

     With all of the modifications to school events this year, students are still finding ways to make the best of it. Many students’ families haven’t been able to watch them during their school events that they would normally do in a typical school year.

     “All of my family [came] and that is a big deal for me because they always come to my dance recitals and stuff, but since COVID-19 none of that is happening,” Younce said. “Just having my family come watch and support me is great.”

     Students running for homecoming court used different strategies this year in order to get as many votes as possible. Many used social media to contact their classmates. The nominees tried their hardest to inform other students about who they are as a person and were eager to attain a higher vote count than the rest of the nominees. 

     “My biggest thing was reaching out to people that I don’t really know as well because I haven’t really had time to meet them as much and they may not know me as well,” Younce said.

     Not only is there just a homecoming queen, but there is a Mr. and Ms. School Spirit. Senior Ryker Galaska was chosen for Mr. School Spirit and senior Harris Gray Mattocks was chosen for Ms. School Spirit. They are both thrilled to represent the school.

     “I feel like it is a great honor because that’s just my personality, so being the loud, obnoxious guy that I am, it just fits me perfectly,” Galaska said. 

     All of the senior Rowdy Rampants felt that this game was full of energy and enthusiasm. Football players are grateful that the student section is allowed to come out to the games now and support the football team. 

     “The student section always gets us fired up [which], raises the intensity a lot,” senior varsity football player Danny Sadler Jr. said.

     Not only was this the homecoming game, but it was senior night to celebrate the varsity cheerleaders and varsity football team. This night honored a great amount of students and allowed seniors to be recognized for all of their accomplishments. 

     “Senior night meant a lot due to us not really having a lot of recognition this school year due to COVID-19, we weren’t able to have a convocation or anything,” senior varsity cheerleader Makiah Strong said. 

     This homecoming game was a memorable night for many students as well as the fans. Students are thankful that the Rose staff were able to incorporate this tradition into the school year and will hopefully carry on more events throughout the year. 

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