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Entertainment Staff Writer Abby Ershadi reviews new repackaged album called Beatbox by K-Pop group Neo Cultured Technology (NCT). Ershadi shares her opinion on the album and specific songs while also including specific elements that make them enjoyable.

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THURS. | 08-04-22 | ENT.

Opinion Editor Liv Carpenter provides thoughts and opinions on the new releases by 'Motionless in White'. 


WED. | 08-03-22 | ENT.

Staff Writer Jack Albritton reviews the most recent album released by Kendrick Lamar. He going into detail about his favorite aspects of each song and what made the album so enjoyable as a whole.

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MON. | 08-01-22 | ENT.

Entertainment Co-Editor, Cecelia Batton reviews the most recent season released of the popular sci-fi thriller TV show, Stranger Things. She also mentions thoughts about new additions to the show and what she hopes for in the next season.

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THURS. | 06-09-22 | ENT.

Opinion/Entertainment Staff Writer Abby Ershadi reviews a new sweet shop in downtown Greenville called Over the Top Sweets. The desserts were tasteful and she recommends to any sweet lover.

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WED. | 06-08-22 | ENT.

Opinion/Entertainment Staff Writer Majkalah Harris compares two commonly known books, "The Giver" and "The Bluest Eye".

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TUES. | 05-24-22 | ENT.

Opinion Editor Liv Carpenter writes about the world wide interest in the ongoing Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial. 

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TUES. | 05-24-22 | ENT.

Entertainment Staff Writer Jack Albritton reviews new movie Winning Time and some  historical inaccuracy. 


MON. | 05-23-22 | ENT.

Entertainment Co-Editor Cecelia Batton reviews Miranda Lambert's newest album, "Palomino" and discusses how she stuck to her rebellious roots while recording.

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SUN. | 05-22-22 | ENT.

Co-Editor-in-Chief William Becker reviews the new Marvel miniseries "Moon Knight", praising its strong visuals and effective blending of genres while criticizing its cramped plot and overly fast pacing.

Upcoming Releases



The Lumineers

Release Date: January 14, 2022


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Release Date: February 4, 2022


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Laurel Hell


Release Date: February 4, 2022

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The King's Man

Matthew Vaughn

Release Date: December 22, 2021

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Don't Look Up

Adam McKay

Release Date: December 24, 2021

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Daniel Espinosa

Release Date: January 28, 2022


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