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Motionless in White leaves listeners motionless


     No neck massages or warm-ups can prepare you for the amount of headbanging you’ll be doing to Motionless in White’s new music. With three amazing singles out and an album, titled “Scoring the End of the World”, scheduled for release on June 10, my expectations are insanely high. As a six-year fan of the group, what I’ve heard has been nothing but banger after banger after banger, and I am more than happy to share my love for all of them. 

     The first single, “Cyberhex”, had me screaming at the top of my lungs. It was almost dropped out of nowhere; the only heads-up I got was a notification from Spotify telling me to check it out. The song sounds like a cybergoth anthem that lead singer Chris Motionless tributed to his fans to show his appreciation for their support. 

     This was the perfect first look at what the new album is going to have in store. It was fun and heavy, which is enough to give you what Motionless calls a “bangover,” — banging your head so much that your neck hurts the next day. 

     The next single, “Masterpiece”, does just the opposite; it makes you emotional as Motionless tells his

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story of growth and healing through writing music. This song gives the same vulnerable feel of previous hits, such as “Voices” and “Another Life”. The music video doesn’t help with the tears as it shows Motionless walking in a room of pictures from his past and, at the end, burning them. I still get choked up when I listen to the lyrics, “So how do I apologize, and put the tears back in your eyes/When every canvas that I paint, is a masterpiece made of my mistakes?”

     Not long after, Motionless posted to his Twitter asking fans what kind of vibes the next single should bring. “Would you rather…Have a breakdown [or] Hear a breakdown?” One fan commented, “have you considered: a breakdown that causes me to have a breakdown?” 

     It was almost as if Motionless read this as a challenge, and not long after announced the release of the heaviest song that is guaranteed to give a long-lasting bangover: “Slaughterhouse”.

     This track features Knocked Loose vocalist Bryan Garris with music so heavy, I had to pause for a minute and process what was going on. The lyrics are very political, if you’re into that sort of thing, and they make you want to scream. Motionless and Garris can be heard switching stanzas that sound like they are basically saying, “Eat the rich.” It then ends with a minute-long breakdown that was so hard, it caught me off guard. 

     If you were to ask, my favorite lyrics are a mixture of Motionless saying, “In the land of the free, you’re a slave to your wealth” and Garris growling, “One mutilation under God.”

     So far, I’m downright ready for the new album. I have already pre-ordered two physical copies from their merch store, and I’m hoping to buy a t-shirt or pair of sweatpants soon. If you’re into some groundbreaking metalcore with hard breakdowns, this is the music you need to hear. Trust me, you will not regret it, but prepare an ice pack for your neck.

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