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THURS. | 02-24-22 | ENT.

Features Staff Writer Ginny Blount describes the show "Too Hot to Handle" and highlights the processes of getting on the show and what happens among the contestants. 


WED. | 02-23-22 | ENT.

Entertainment/Opinion Staff Writer Safi Waqas reviews the video game Undertale. In this game, gamers travel through a pixel world and face monsters that are trapped underground.

someone great.jpg

TUES. | 02-22-22 | ENT.

News Staff Writer Mary-Bennett Billings reviews the 2019 Netflix film Someone Great, which she praises for its enjoyable characters, music, and positive message but criticizes for its overuse of millennial culture and awkward side characters.


MON. | 02-21-22 | ENT.

Entertainment/Opinion Staff Writer Abby Ershadi provides insight on the new game Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.

COBRA KAI_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

TUES. | 02-15-22 | ENT.

Entertainment Staff Writer Jack Albritton provides a summary and a few personal opinions on the series Cobra Kai.

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 8.22.33 PM.png

MON. | 02-14-22 | ENT.

Entertainment Co-Editor Cecelia Batton gives her opinion on the new Spiderman: No Way Home Marvel film. She reveals her reactions and how she feels about past Marvel characters coming back and uniting.

Betty White Graphic.png

SUN. | 02-13-22 | ENT.

Co-Editor-in-Chief William Becker discusses the impact that Betty White had on the entertainment industry and the world. He also reviews the documentary Betty White: A Celebration which was originally supposed to celebrate her 100th birthday.

dont look up from imdb.jpg

SAT. | 02-12-22 | ENT.

Opinion Editor Liv Carpenter reviews the 2021 film Don't Look Up, which they praise for its cast and acting but criticize for its overly direct political satire and ending.

Encanto from

FRI. | 02-11-22 | ENT.

Entertainment Co-Editor Harry Albritton reviews Disney's recent animated feature film Encanto, which he praises for its exceptional characters and soundtrack.

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