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NCT drops new out-of-the-box beat


     Originating in Seoul, South Korea, the K-pop group Neo Culture Technology (NCT) was formed in 2016 and has made a melodious impact worldwide. With NCT consisting of 23 members total, three units were created within the group. The units are titled NCT 127, NCT Dream and WayV. Each is unique with their own music styles and contains a diverse group of members which displays representation and speaks to fans all over. 

     Recently, both NCT 127 and Dream have announced they will be going on a world tour. Currently, 127 has already performed several concerts in Japan and Korea, and later this year fans can expect concerts in the US and Europe. NCT Dream has also announced a world tour, but unfortunately no more details about locations or dates have been released. However, a tour can definitely be expected in order to debut new albums. 

     On March 28, NCT Dream released their second studio album “Glitch Mode,” which was a huge success and quickly became one of their most popular albums yet, as it became the fifth best-selling album in the US. 

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Recently, NCT Dream has announced that there will be a repackaged album titled “Beatbox” released on May 30. This repackaged album acts as a follow up to “Glitch Mode” but contains four new tracks. This has sparked great interest in fans, because after the long period of COVID, Dream had a major comeback with “Glitch Mode” which encapsulated fresh beats, remarkable choreography and catchy songs. The awaited release of “Beatbox” (and teasers on social media) have displayed the great amount of success NCT Dream has gained as a subunit. 

     Starting off with the title track, “Beatbox”, the listener is immediately hit with a strong beat and a rap from the leader of the group. The song then transitions into a beautiful harmony and a catchy chorus, leaving listeners’ ears satisfied. “Beatbox” has also appeared on social media several times before the release, as the group members have created a dance for fans to enjoy and learn. This first track encapsulates the overall fun vibe of Dream, as well as starting the album off with a little something different due to the amount of changes from fast to slow rhythms and solo to a group singing. 

     The next newly released song “To My First” starts off with a chiller tone as the rhythm, beat and singing build to an unexpected melody, which feels like a waterfall of voices colliding. Along with the graceful appeal of this song, moments of contrasting interjections such as spoken phrases in a deeper voice keeps the song exciting yet relaxing. “To My First” definitely is on the opposite side of the spectrum from “Beatbox” but displays the variety of sounds and feelings Dream can create.

     “Sorry, Heart” is the third release, and the title precedes itself indicating a somber heartsick feel. Indeed, the presumption remains true as the song kicks off with a quieter melody and distinct guitar strumming. Next, the song transitions into almost an angsty vibe as members sing in a voice conveying pain. However, the song does not sound depressing, and instead implies hope and is quite beautiful. Also “Sorry, Heart” is different from the previous tracks because the members directly sing to their audience, which formulates a sense of connection. 

     The final new track “On the Way” does not disappoint as a closing piece and in fact has so many elements that left my jaw dropped. Starting off with a softer melody, listeners expect another quiet song but that is only a facade as a beat drop, kicking off a stellar chorus bursting with energy and beautiful lyrics. The inclusion of several epic rap shorts and magnificent harmonies keep this song light and hype, and the overall meaning of the song is plain amazing. “On the Way” definitely inched to the top spot and adds a perfect ending to the repackaged album. 

     Whether or not one is a fan of K-pop, the new repackaged album “Beatbox” is worth a listen as it speaks to many moods and creates a lovely experience for one's ears. “Beatbox” continues to exhibit the marvelous skills and talents NCT Dream holds, and excites many fans for a future world tour. 

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