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"The Giver" gives insight on books


     There are more than 130 million books that were ever published. On average, a person reads at least 12 books per year, but what about those who don´t read? Did you know that reading improves your vocabulary, increases common knowledge and helps to reduce stress? Books can contain life lessons and important messages that you can learn from. They can also improve your social skills and be very empowering. Reading increases your chance of being courageous, learning more about yourself, your culture and the beliefs of others and so much more. Many people don’t read because they believe that it is boring, but what if there was a story for everyone? I think that everyone should try reading because it opens your minds to new ideas. You might not like every book you read, but you will read at least one good story in your lifetime.

      A book that high school students may find interesting is “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison. It is about an African American nine-year-old girl who desires to have blue eyes. She faces many problems because of the color of her skin. She blames herself for what takes place around her and is reminded that she does not meet the so-called standards of beauty, which partly was to have blue eyes.   

     Despite the fact that the book is banned in many schools around the world because of its choice of words and scenes that take place, I believe it is a great reminder to treat everyone with respect, despite your differences. Even though it is banned for fair reasons, the book itself has been rated an 8.5 out of 10 and is liked by many with different backgrounds. For those who would like to read this book, I suggest getting a guardian's permission and try to see it from your own perspective. 


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     “The Giver” by Lois Lowry is another book with an interesting plot. Published in 1993, “The Giver” is about an 11-year-old boy named Jonas who sees things differently than everyone else. He stands out because the other people in the novel are largely blind to what occurs around them. The novel´s world is full of sadness and hopelessness due to the lack of individuality, but it is ignored. In the novel, babies are killed because of their differences as well as older people because they aren´t as productive or hardworking as they used to be.

     The book does a great job of showing people what can happen when the concept of individuality is ignored. It introduces the idea that it is okay to be different and see things in a different way apart from what others think. The book also does an excellent job of explaining that the opinions we have, the way we feel, and choices that we make in life matter and can make a difference, it also adds to the idea that it's okay to not conform to society even when it feels like the right thing to do. 

     Overall, both are understandable stories and have great plots, themes and messages behind them. Each story is carried in a different direction, but are worth reading. 

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