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Over the Top satisfies writer’s sweet tooth


     The word sweet treats induces the mind to wander into thoughts of candy, cake, ice cream, cookies, brownies, fudge, doughnuts, milkshakes, pies, cupcakes and countless other options. Each shares the component of sugar, which envelopes the senses with decadent flavors and aromas, leaving the mind with a sense of being transported into a place with cotton candy clouds and chocolate rivers. For anyone with a major sweet tooth, the recent opening of a dessert store will leave them delighted as though they just ate a warm chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven.  

     Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Greenville’s new sweets store called Over the Top Sweets three times in the past week to review the treats. 

      When I stepped into the shop, I was hit with a decorative atmosphere similar to the Honeydukes candy shop in Harry Potter. I noticed there was a large crowd for a Saturday night, but that was to be expected. Walking up the counter, the customer service was impeccable. The four main components of sweets that I tried were doughnuts, coffee, sorbet and truffles.

over the top sweets graphic - abby .jpeg

Photo by Abby Ershadi

This was my first time here so I was unsure what to order, but an employee, Emma, helped guide me through the menu items with the utmost care and patience. It did not matter to them that there was a large line of people behind me; they focused on ensuring that I received excellent treats and experiences. 

      Firstly the doughnuts. I heard from peers that the doughnuts here were delicious, so of course I had to try some. I ordered a half dozen for $9.50 which was an excellent price for the quality. The doughnuts themselves were freshly made and I watched the whole process, which was intriguing. The doughnut menu was extensive with a variety of cake bases, toppings and icing. The same employee that helped me previously assembled my donuts by hand and in my order she included a new doughnut recipe she had created: a strawberry fruity pebbles doughnut. I took an oreo, blackberry and lemon, strawberry shortcake, cherry chocolate glazed and fruity pebbles doughnuts home and tried each one. The flavors of each were all different which really displayed the amount of variety on the menus. People who like sweet, sour, fruity, decadent or light flavors should check these doughnuts out. 

      Secondly, I tasted the coffee. I am a caffeine addict, so once again selecting a type to try was virtually impossible. Ultimately I knew I wanted an iced coffee, so Emma took it upon herself to concoct me a delicious single shot mocha latte. Altogether the price was around $3.25, which has been one of the best prices for the quality delivered. Unlike chains, such as Starbucks, the taste had no chemical aftertaste and instead was creamy with just the right amount of espresso. 

      Thirdly, I tried the sorbet. Picking a flavor was difficult since each flavor was so different. Once again, Emma helped me select a flavor by showing me a combination of strawberry and lemon sorbet that tasted like pink lemonade, and oh my it was tasty! I ordered a small cup for $4.25 which seems pricey for a small but the amount was filling and flavorful. A bonus point for the adorable miniature spoons! 

      The last treat I tried were truffles. There was a grand selection of enticing chocolates all neatly lined and decorated in the casing, so I did not know what to choose. There were standard truffles and artisan truffles, and I learned that the difference was within the filling consistency–artisan truffles have a runnier consistency. I selected three truffle flavors: coffee, dark chocolate hazelnut and caramel artisan. Each was delicious in a different way; the coffee truffle had a strong but not overpowering flavor, the dark chocolate hazelnut had a bitter and sweet taste which perfectly complemented each other, and the caramel artisan had a slightly liquid filling which was a nice change from the first two. 

      Over the course of my three visits, the results were consistent and delicious. The atmosphere was cozy and welcoming, the customer service was excellent, and the desserts were mouth watering! I look forward to more sweet visits in the future and highly recommend Over the Top Sweets for any dessert connoisseur. 

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