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Emma Hastings, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Emma Hastings is a senior at Rose and is in her fourth semester of Journalism. For her first two semesters, she was a News staff writer, and then was repositioned to the News Editor her third semester. Emma is now Co-Editor-in-Chief for Rampant Lines. News piqued Emma’s interest after her first article that she wrote her freshman year, and ever since she has always written for it. Emma spends most of her free time doing laps in a pool. She plans on swimming for NC State University next year. She loves eating food which contain an unhealthy amount of sugar, and roasting Eleanor! Emma’s favorite thing about being Editor-in-Chief is the fact that she always knows what is going on around Rose and her community and she gets to dictate a class of great people ranked below her (except William)! Her favorite thing about being a journalism student is piecing together stories. She likes taking the different aspects of a story and putting it all together to create an article. She also likes photoshopping and making graphic designs. Emma hopes to be a great Editor-in-Chief, set a good example for her classmates and help the other members of the class become better writers. For inquiries on Room 321, please contact either William or her. Thank you for stalking my profile :) 

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