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Giving advice on the best Halloween

WED. | 10-27-21 | OPINION

      As Halloween is just around the corner, it’s high time to start finding a costume and setting up decorations if you haven’t already.                       Halloween, at least to us, is one of the most fun holidays of the year, so it’s crucial that you make it memorable. We’ve had our fair share of experience, so here’s what we’ll talk about to you today: how to not be basic on Halloween.

     First rule: do not dress basically; show your true pumpkin spirit. Whether you’re going to a fun party or trick-or-treating (because there’s no such thing as being too old for free candy), a costume is a proper staple of the Halloween experience. Your costume will also be a way for people to know the real you and to tell if you have a fun personality. If you dress according to social standards, news flash: you are basic (aka Regina George). Let your personality shine through your outfit. 

     Here are some examples of basic costumes to

Halloween Graphic.png

Graphic by William Becker

help you decide what you do not want to wear: angel and devil, the purge, space cowboys, aliens, playboy bunny, sports player, murderer, morph suits, grim reaper and frat boys. If you want to impress your crush, you should dress as an Oompa Loompa. Guaranteed marriage. Proven to work. You could also dress to fit current trends. An example is dress like Mr. Worldwide, then when someone asks you, you could say “been there, done that”. 

      Second rule: if you throw a party, make it exciting and unique! Break out the fog machine, your best playlist and some homemade cookies. Parties are always fun, but if you present your guests with an undecorated house, cookies from Publix and an endless repetition of the “Monster Mash,” they might go find a mirror and summon the Candyman just to spice things up, and you certainly wouldn’t want that to happen. So put up some spooky decorations inside and outside, get some colorful lights, and make your house look like the Sanderson sisters would buy it. We guarantee you: your party will be the talk of the town.

      Third rule: watch some scary movies if you’re up to the challenge. Invite some friends over and add to the Halloween vibes by choosing a creepy flick. We’d recommend that you don’t go down the cheesy route, but iconic movies like Hocus Pocus are always fair game. Be sure to keep in mind, however, that the movie(s) you choose should fit the audience. Don’t watch The Blair Witch Project with your five-year-old sister, because she will never step foot in a forest ever again, and don’t watch a Doc McStuffins Halloween special with your besties, because they will never let you live it down.

     Fourth rule: no blowups = no coolness (please note that we’re referring to decorations; we do not support bombing on Halloween). Decorate your yards, people. I once saw this blowup puppy at a Halloween store. My mom told me I could not get it, and it was then that I knew our yard would be boring. Decorations that do not require a pump are just not cool, unless they’re those fake headstones with the puns on them. Bonus points if you can scare little children. It is that simple. People drive around and look at decorations; make your house worth the drive.

      Aside from all our funny rules, the best part of Halloween is having fun. Christmas is the most fun morning of the year, but Halloween is the most fun night. Go out, party and have fun, but most importantly: eat a lot of candy. Take advantage of the young people's metabolism and stuff your face with candy (preferably tootsie rolls).

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