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Exams are made easier with these tips

SUN. | 12-12-21 | OPINION

     In case you haven’t noticed, dear reader, this semester has flown by fairly quickly. Exams start in a mere three days, so hopefully you’ve already been preparing for any exams you might have! For those of you who have more studying to do or want to review this weekend, however, your editors-in-chief have plenty of advice to help you succeed at your exams and end the semester on a high note.

     First: study. This may seem obvious, but it's remarkably easy to underestimate how crucial rereading your notes and textbooks is. Be sure to read through all of your notes and any other resources your teachers provide, because other studying strategies are useless without knowing the

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Graphic by William Becker

material to study in the first place. You can have the notes, you can be a good student, and you can have good grades, but if you don’t take the time to review and make sure you know all the information you’re going to be tested on, your exams might not go as well as you hope.

     Second: find how you best retain information. I (Emma) have met a lot of students over my time at Rose and I can attest to the fact that no two people study the exact same way. Test your options and see which study method works best for you. In some of my classes, just paying attention during lectures and understanding what my teacher is teaching has been enough to prepare me for the test. Other classes, I have spent hours studying for one test. For me, it depends on the subject and honestly, how interesting I find the class. If I think the lecture is interesting I will pay more attention and not zone out as much, therefore retaining the information during class. When I do have to study though, I choose from a couple of options: flashcards (Quizlet), reading over my class notes, having someone quiz me, watching YouTube videos on the topic or practicing examples of what might be on the test. Sometimes I even listen to music while I study to make sure I don't zone out, so I would like to give a shoutout to Taylor Swift and Harry Styles for getting me good grades. There are many more ways to study than my options—I have just found those work best for me. 

     Third: make good use of study groups. Not only is studying easier and more interesting when you’re doing it in a group setting; it’s also more fun! We definitely recommend getting together with some friends in the same classes and studying as a group, because it’s easier to ensure that you’re fully prepared for your exams when you can share the best studying strategies with each other and quiz each other on the material. You can also use this time to make up songs, because it has been proven that memory cues such as songs and acronyms can make remembering difficult information much easier. This is one of the moments where high school actually is like High School Musical! Make up some fun songs, dance around on an imaginary cafeteria table, and pretend you’re Sharpay Evans to your heart’s content. We can guarantee that it will help come exam day.

     Fourth: sleep! If someone told me to sleep, I would not think twice—it is actually my favorite thing to do. As a bonus, it will help you ace your exam (I know, double whammy). Getting adequate sleep and being well-rested is one way to prepare your brain for taking a long test. You are basically charging your brain to stay running for as long as possible. Zoning out—don't know her. At some point during the night before your exam, you need to realize that getting sleep is more important than going over your notes for the hundredth time. I am not at all suggesting to not study, but pulling an all-nighter may not be the best option. 

     Remember these tips while preparing for your exams and know that they are proven to work for many, many classes of all subjects and difficulty levels. We wish you all the best of luck in your exams and are manifesting A’s for everyone!

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