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September 27th, 2019

PCC program supports visions of success

MON. | 12-20-21 | NEWS

     While seniors are waiting for their acceptance letters, a handful of Rose juniors already have their college career planned out through the Pitt Community College (PCC) VISIONS Class of 2023 Scholarship program. This program allows for juniors to start their college experience early and prepare them for work life after high school and college.

     The PCC VISION Career Development and Scholarship Program was founded in 2004, and helps students with a select grade point average and household income level attend college and succeed in the community. The program starts members’ junior year of high school and provides the students with seminars, field trips during the summer, one to two weeks spent on PCC campus and 500 dollars a semester once they are full-time PCC students to help with expenses on top of the associates degree they will receive. The seminars are on a variety of topics ranging from how to apply for financial aid, how to transition to college, study habits and career moves. The field trips are during the summers after the members’ junior and senior years of high school. During these field trips, they go to different businesses around Greenville to see how they run and what job opportunities are available.

     “If they went to Grady White Boats, it is not just building boats,” Career Development Coordinator Fran Green said. “You need an industrial nurse, office personnel and people to build the boats.”

     On top of these benefits, members will also receive an associates degree in the career of their choice. Members will then take the degree they learn and obtain their dream jobs.

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Photo by Emma Hastings

     “It allows me to go to Pitt and to chase my dreams to become a psychologist,” junior Juresia McNair said. “[When I got in] I was very excited and my sister is in the program too so I got to join her.”

     Like all scholarships, in order to get in, potential scholars have to go through an application process. Not only do members have to fill out an application, they also have to go through an interview process. Green helps the applicants prepare by emailing them, calling them down to her office, helping them fill out the application if they need the help, and if they get an interview, she does mock interviews, makes sure they are dressed appropriately and she arranges the interviews with PCC.

     “[The application process] was super easy; it was very fast and I needed a parent to help me with some of the questions, but overall, it was very easy,” junior Char'le Guy said.

     Rose had ten students accepted into the program this year, and they heard of the opportunity many different ways. The main way to find out was through Green. She looked through students' information and found which juniors qualified for the GPA requirement and sent them an email inviting them to apply. She then met with some of the potential students. McNair already knew about the program since her sister is in it, but this is not the same for other winners.

     “I found out about it through the intercom, and Mr. Garner also told us in advisory,” Guy said.

     The PCC VISIONS Career Development and Scholarship Program helps Rose students earn an associates degree and succeed in the community through providing opportunities and financial help. This year, the program gave ten juniors at Rose the opportunity to achieve their dream career.

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