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SPORTS (2020-2021)


THURS. | 03-11-21 | SPORTS

As the Rose varsity football team prepares for their game against crosstown rival D.H. Conley this Friday, Mar. 12, Sports Co-Editor Jack Vick covers the details of North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s recent executive order allowing 40% capacity at outdoor sporting venues.


MON. | 03-08-21 | SPORTS

Staff writer Keller Fraley reports on the 55th Super Bowl and the COVID-19 precautions that were implemented. 


FRI. | 03-05-21 | SPORTS

Sports staff writer Dorsey Parrott provides an update concerning the Rose men’s varsity soccer team as well as highlights different changes that have been made because of COVID-19.

Rose finishes last week of season

THURS. | 03-04-21 | SPORTS

Sports staff writer Smith Vick covers the end of the men’s varsity basketball season with a win over Southern Wayne for the team’s senior night.


THURS. | 02-25-21 | SPORTS

Sports Co-Editor Jackson Surles describes the recent joining of the Rose men’s lacrosse team with the D.H. Conley Vikings lacrosse team in order to form a complete club team. Surles provides insight into this situation with interviews from both Rose and Conley players.


WED. | 02-24-21 | SPORTS

Sports Co-Editor Jack Vick reviews the new NCAA video game and reports on fans' reactions so far. 


FRI. | 02-19-21 | SPORTS

Sports staff writer Keller Fraley covers the emotion and details behind the reality of playing sports with the spectator limitations caused by COVID-19 precautions with interviews from Rose volleyball players.


MON. | 02-01-21 | SPORTS

Sports Co-Editor Jackson Surles interviews swimmer Emma Hastings about qualifying for the Olympic trials this June. 

TUES. | 01-26-21 | SPORTS

Sports Co-Editor Jack Vick reports on the varsity volleyball team's season and the many success they have had. 

Blue Medal Motivational Sports Fitness I

THURS. | 01-21-21 | SPORTS

Sports Co-editors Jack Vick and Jackson Surles discuss different community athletic events with guest Scott Rogers including Rose basketball and volleyball, NFL playoffs and upcoming events concerning ECU athletics.


SUN. | 01-03-21 | SPORTS

Sports editor Jack Vick discusses the Charlotte Hornets' third overall pick LaMelo Ball and the success he feels the athlete will bring to the team.


SUN. | 12-27-20 | SPORTS

Staff writer Emmy Ingalls gives her perspective on the changes to the athletic calendar made due to COVID-19.


WED. | 12-23-20 | SPORTS

Staff writer Jackson Surles discusses the return college basketball and the additional precaution that have been made due to COVID-19.

TUES. | 12-15-20 | SPORTS

Staff writer Jay Tyndall reports on the success of the Rose volleyball teams and how they have adjusted due to COVID-19.

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TUES. | 12-01-20 | SPORTS

Sports editor Jack Vick, staff writer Jackson Surles and guest senior Luke Keel discuss the Masters Tournament, NFL Week 11 Pick'em, Rose Volleyball and NBA Draft.



MON. | 5-4-20 | SPORTS

In this episode of the Jack & Jack Sports Podcast, Sports Co-Editor Jack Hastings and staff writer Jack Vick discuss the results of the virtual NFL draft as well as the recent controversy surrounding Jalen Green, who opted out of the traditional NCAA route to play for the G League.


THURS. | 4-23-20 | SPORTS

In today's debut episode of the Jack & Jack Sports Podcast, Sports Co-Editor Jack Hastings and staff writer Jack Vick unpack their predictions for the first round of the 2020 NFL draft tonight, as well as their thoughts about ESPN's newest miniseries about basketball legend Michael Jordan, "The Last Dance."


FRI. | 4-17-20 | SPORTS

Sports Co-Editor Isabella Voos and Opinion Co-Editor Rebecca Chemmanam interviewed Bailey Bunn, Kemany Ullah, and Gabe Smith regarding their new practice schedules and workout routines.


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