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Cooper signs order raising limit to 1,400 spectators at outdoor athletic events

THURS. | 03-11-21 | SPORTS

     On Friday, Feb. 26, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed an executive order that stated that outdoor sporting venues can now allow up to 30% of their maximum capacities. This order presented a change from the former limit of 100 spectators for outdoor events. With this order, Rose will now be able to host 1,400 spectators at football games, beginning with the varsity football team’s second home game against D.H. Conley on Friday, Mar. 11. 

     Rose athletic director Clay Medlin is pleased with Cooper’s decision to ease the restrictions. The athletic programs at Rose rely heavily on football ticket sales to pay for expenses, but with the former spectator limits, ticket sales have sunk to an all-time low. 

     “When we were limited to 100 people against New Bern a couple weeks ago, we could only sell 100 tickets which is a 


Photo contributed by Phillip Walter

a $700 night,” Medlin said. “That’s not a really big [amount] for trying to fund athletic programs.” 

     Medlin expects big turn-outs at both the D.H. Conley and C.B. Aycock games in the coming weeks. 

     “That’s gonna allow us to make quite a bit more money at the gate to help fund not only football and their needs, but also non-revenue sports as well,” Medlin said. 

     Not only will Rose athletics be able to benefit, students at Rose will now be able to attend sporting events. Before Cooper’s recent executive order, tickets had only been given out to the families of the athletes, which left no room for students to purchase tickets. Now that 1,300 more tickets are available, students as well as local Rose football fans can go to games and watch their Rampants. 

     While there will be many more spectators, Rose will continue to enforce the COVID-19 safety measures that they have used all throughout the school year. 

     “We’ll have everybody sit at least six feet apart...masks are required at all times and there will be sanitation items at the concession stands and in the bathrooms,” Medlin said. 

     Medlin encourages students and parents alike to come out to the games and fill up the 1,400 spectator limit once their tickets have been purchased. Tickets for home games can be purchased in the front office the week preceding the game. With the football team facing off against their crosstown rival this Friday, Mar. 11, many are hoping and expecting the stands to be filled with Rose cheers and fans, allowing Rose athletics a glimpse of normalcy.

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