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NCAA Football video game finds fans

WED. | 02-24-21 | SPORTS

     The day all college sports fans have been waiting for for over six years has finally come; Electronic Arts (EA) studios have announced that they are bringing back their NCAA Football video game. The announcement came Tuesday, Feb. 2 in the form of a tweet from EA Sports College. The most recent installment of the series was NCAA Football 14 (released July 9, 2013) which is still played by many die-hard fans today.                 Gamers and sports fans alike have been begging EA studios for an update to their outdated game but because of NCAA rules, EA was not able to produce another game that included college athletes. While EA has announced that the next game will not include the real names of college athletes, the NCAA is moving towards allowing athletes to profit off of their names,


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image and likeness (NIL). This would allow EA to include the names of the athletes, without risking a lawsuit.

     While this news is very exciting, like all good things, NCAA Football will require a wait. EA indicates that the development of the game will take “years” to complete. Also, while the legal process has begun, the NCAA has not yet allowed athletes to profit off their NIL. The NCAA is projected to change this by 2023 which will line up perfectly with EA’s estimated release time. Hopefully EA decides to change their stance on including athletes’ NIL. 

Bryan Wiedey is a writer for the sports-gaming website 

     “We’re looking at two to three years probably and by that time players should be in a position to be paid,” Wiedey said. 

     While the vast fan community is waiting, College Football Revamped has created a downloadable mod for people to play NCAA Football 14 as if it was created today. The mod has updated rosters, uniforms, stadiums and teams so people can enjoy playing modern college football in a video game. However, the game's graphics and mechanics are slightly outdated. 

     For those who just love watching other people play video games, social media icon Dan Katz (Barstool Big Cat) who is best known for his role on the Pardon My Take podcast, has created an extensive YouTube series with nearly 60 videos of him playing NCAA Football 14. The series includes him controlling made-up coach Gus Duggerton, whose goal is to win a National Championship. The ability to make a college program into a dynasty is one of the reasons people love the NCAA Football series. 

     The next installment of the NCAA Football series has a lot to live up to. NCAA Football 14 received a rating of 4.8/5 on Google and many people feel that it was the greatest sports game ever created. While the game is nearly eight years old, it is being sold for over $100 on Ebay in some cases. 

     If the next NCAA Football game provides gamers with as much joy as the last game, it will most definitely be a hit.

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