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Men’s lacrosse team overcomes rivalry sentiments for sake of season

THURS. | 02-25-21 | SPORTS

     The Rose men’s lacrosse team has not played since March of 2020, but their season finally started on Jan. 25. Although, this season is starting a little earlier than usual, and the team has been put together differently than a typical year because they will now function as a club team joined with the D.H. Conley lacrosse club team.

     Due to the effects of both COVID-19 and the loss of lacrosse players who have chosen to participate in a delayed, conflicting football season, Rose had to branch out to form a full team. In December of 2020, the coaching staff made the decision to sacrifice “varsity team status” status, and to have enough players, combine teams with another school. The lacrosse team will technically be a club sport this year, and the Rose 


Photo contributed by Jack Perkinson

club team will be teaming up with their cross town rival for practice and matches.

     The two teams began practicing together in early January, and since then, they have been building the team chemistry and working out the kinks of playing with an unfamiliar group of guys.

     Senior Rose team captain Jack Perkinson described the transition of blending the squads together as smooth for the most part, even with some minor adjustments such as walking players through a play, or techniques to help them out.

     “Before this year, the Conley guys didn’t really have any experienced coaches or leadership prior.. so there are times where they are a little behind because now they are really being taught the game on that higher level, but it has gone well so far and we will get through that growth period the more we play,” Perkinson said.

     Fellow teammate Conley senior and lacrosse player Aidan Hvastkovs, who is a part of the group coming over to play this spring at Rose, similarly described the adjustment as a learning curve.

     “The coaches know a lot more than what we have been used to prior to this at Conley,” Hvastkovs said.”The drills are more advanced, the practices and pace of game are faster and more advanced but it is a lot of fun playing with these guys so far.” 

     While it might be weird for Rose students and fans to see Conley players wearing blue and green, Conley players feel it has been just as hard for them to get acquainted with the change of scenery. Many feel that the historic cross-town rival between the two schools, makes this change that much more interesting to see. 

     “The toughest part of this transition and change hasn’t even been the change of play, drills or the new guys I’m playing with,” Hvastkovs said. “It’s been having to say ‘Go Rampants’ after every practice and wearing this blue and green proudly after I've spent the past four years of my life hating Rose.”

     While it may be difficult for the players coming from Conley to sport Kelly green and Columbia blue, they are embracing the change and wearing it proudly as their season has just recently begun. The team had its first matchup against New Bern on Tuesday, Feb. 2, losing 10-9. While it may be different to watch this season with the new COVID-19 restrictions put into place for fan attendance, fans are still able to go out there and support the team whether they are from Rose or Conley.

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