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FEATURES (2021-2022 1st Semester)

kaylee leggett

SAT. | 01-08-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Malaysha Hardy discusses how the Rose Pride Alliance has helped freshman Kaylee Leggett, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, when she feels out of place.

Darren Culinary Picture.JPG

FRI. | 01-07-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Darren Powell discusses Culinary Arts, a class that teaches students the art of making, preparing and presenting food on a more professional level.


THURS. | 01-06-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Katharine Gauland discusses the rigorous schedule of freshman George Huo and how he can sometimes feel out of place in his AP classes. Despite feeling out of place, Huo excels in his classes and continues to learn so he can one day become a math professor.

WED. | 01-05-22 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Kemorah Ullah discusses the challenges and exclusion Rose senior Safi Waqas faced during their time in private school, as well as the welcoming atmosphere and increased diversity they have since found at Rose.

Safi Waqas.JPG

WED. | 01-05-22 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Anna McLean Evans discusses the struggles that Rose senior Pablo Lillo has faced since moving to Greenville from Santiago, Chile. Starting over in America was a challenge, but Lillo found soccer as a way to cope with these difficulties.

Disclaimer: All photos in which Rampant Lines members are shown without masks were taken prior to COVID-19.

harris properties.png
Sophia Aceto

TUES. | 12-21-21 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Averi Simpson discusses the struggles faced by Sofia Aceto, an Ashkenazi Jew, while her classmates celebrate Christmas. Whether it be decorating the classroom or listening to Christmas music while doing classwork, someone who does not observe the holiday can feel left out.

waters retirement

SAT. | 12-11-21 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Brena Gauland discusses the career of Rose English teacher Bethany Waters and why she chose to step away from teaching. With two children, one being a newborn, Waters found it difficult to balance being the best mom and being the best teacher.

Sarah-Catherine Smith

WED. | 12-01-21 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Darren Powell discusses the Rampant Lines career of Sarah-Catherine Smith and how she still uses the skills she learned in Journalism as a product designer for big companies such as The Gannett and The Washington Post.


TUES. | 11-30-21 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Kemorah Ullah discusses Ruiko Jacobs' career as a Features Editor for Rampant Lines for the 2018-19 school year. She then flashes to what she is doing in her life now and how she still uses her journalism skills in her life today.

Dawson Mcalduff, Max jones, Sarah Ingram, Delaney Herman.jpeg

TUES. | 11-29-21 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Averi Simpson explores teachers' concerns about their students' motivation and work ethic, which tends to drop noticeably before and after breaks.

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