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Rose seniors plant careers at new boutique

WED. | 02-16-22 | FEATURES

     Ashley Corey, a local business owner of a boutique named “The Farmer’s Daughter,” just recently opened her permanent location on Jan. 5. Rose seniors, London Cribari and Logan Evans work at this boutique and love the great work atmosphere. 

     The Farmer’s Daughter has a variety of merchandise to choose from, such as women’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, as well as gift items. Evans recently started working at the store on Jan. 11 and is very thankful to have been offered this job opportunity.

     “I love working here; it’s a job I have always wanted to have because I’m very interested in fashion and I enjoy it a lot,” Evans said. 

     Corey has always had a passion for fashion, and has always worked in fashion, whether it was retail or a sales-rep role, both in college and after college. Many people told Corey that she should open up her own store one day because of how much she loves clothing.

     “I don’t think I ever thought I would actually do it until probably a couple of years ago,” Corey said.

Ava_ The Farmer's Daughter Image.png

Photo by Ava Alger

     Corey wanted to make sure that the name of her business was fitting with her boutique because she believes that branding is everything.

     “My dad said ‘how about The Farmer’s Daughter’ and once he said it, we were all like that’s it, because my dad is [a] fifth generation farmer,” Corey said. “I have three brothers and they all farm with my dad, so farming is definitely ingrained in our family… and the name just means a lot.”

     Cribari started working at the boutique on Dec. 7, 2021 and sees this new chapter in her life as one that will benefit her in many ways.

     “I wanted this job to save up money for when I go to college and to simply gain experience,” Cribari said. “It has allowed me to work on managing a budget and [has] given me more independence.”

     Due to material delays in the building's development, Corey faced several setbacks when opening her business. Her initial time frame for opening her permanent location was August 2021, therefore she decided to build a pop-up shop to aid with publicity.

     “The pop-up location turned out to be to our advantage, because I feel like we got a lot of exposure that we may not have received if we immediately opened here because this is kind of a new part of town for a boutique,” Corey said. 

     Working at this boutique, Evans has been able to see what career she may want to pursue in the future. 

     “Although I am going to college undecided, I have always been into fashion,” Evans said. “Talking to Ashley about all the different things you can do with fashion and merchandising, has really intrigued me more into doing it.”

     Cribari has several favorite tasks to do when working. She greets customers and makes sure they are being helped, starts fitting rooms, checks customers out and helps keep the racks in order. 

     “My favorite job is helping to run the social media and trying on the clothes to post,” Cribari said. 

     Corey has learned the qualities that will make her business successful, as well as the key elements that must be implemented in order for The Farmer's Daughter to continue pleasing her customers.

     “Customer service has to be top notch and you have to really stay on top of new brands and trends to make sure you're bringing in the best merchandise for customers,” Corey said. 

     The shop has a lot to offer both in-store and online, with many selections for women of all ages.

     “Ashley and her mom have done a great job of making sure the store has options for all ages,” Cribari said. “This really makes The Farmer’s Daughter stand out compared to other boutiques.”

     The Farmer’s Daughter is located on the corner of Fire Tower Rd. and Arlington Rd. You can visit the store from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and online at

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