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FEATURES PAGE 3 (2021-2022 1st Semester)

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THURS. | 11-04-21 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Anna McLean Evans explains Ron Butler's journey back to Rose after graduating in the 90s. She also discusses why he came back: Convocation.

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WED. | 11-03-21 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Brena Gauland explores the day-to-day life of high-achieving Rose senior Blythe Bacon, who juggles academics, extracurriculars, and sports.


SUN. | 10-31-21 | FEATURES

News Co-Editor Eleanor Blount explains the journey of Brena Gauland and how she climbed the ranks to FBLA State Presidency. She also discusses what comes along with being State President and what services Gauland has to do.


SAT. | 10-30-21 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Brena Gauland reports on new history teacher and Rose alumna Ms. Diane Padilla, including what she looks forward to in her first year as a teacher.

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FRI. | 10-29-21 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Anna McLean Evans discusses how many Rose students and staff find face-to-face a better way of learning. She tells stories of students' struggles and how they got better and went away with the return of in-person learning.

Disclaimer: All photos in which Rampant Lines members are shown without masks were taken prior to COVID-19.

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Virginia Blount

THURS. | 10-28-21 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Kemorah Ullah discusses the stressful effects that returning to in-person school has had on students and teachers alike.


TUES. | 10-26-21 | FEATURES

Spring 2021 Features Staff Writers Anna McLean Evans, Kemorah Ullah, Ava Alger, and Layne Mills face off in a competition to see whose baking and cooking skills are the best.

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