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Finding your place in an unfamiliar space: Kaylee Leggett

SAT. | 01-08-22 | FEATURES

     Being in a space where you feel like you can’t be yourself can make you feel very out of place. Rose freshman Kaylee Leggett (she/her), who identifies as queer, found herself feeling this way.  Joining the Rose Pride Alliance club provided Leggett with a safe space to be herself and to make more connections.

     “I joined the club because I knew it would be a good way to make friends and help others in the community that do not have the same label as me to support,” Leggett said. 

     The club has also given Leggett an overwhelming amount of support.

     “It is really nice to be able to find so many people who support you no matter what you identify as and no matter who you are,” Leggett said. 

     Not only has the club had a positive impact on Leggett’s life, but it has helped her grow as a person and in her community.

     “The club has helped me grow in being able to help others and given me the opportunity to understand others struggles,” Leggett said.  

     Leggett came out when she was in 7th grade and feels like many of the reactions she received were unexpected.

     “I expected mixed reactions with no support from my family and not much support from my friends at that

kaylee leggett

time, but once I came out I realized how wrong I was,” Leggett said. 

     Leggett’s sister helped her realize she was a part of the LGBTQ+ community; her sister is also a part of the community and identifies as lesbian.

     “Growing up I saw her and the way that it affected me was she was able to do all these things that were breaking norms in our ,family and it inspired me,” Leggett said. 

     Leggett’s parents have also been very supportive of her coming out by helping her in many ways. 

     “They supported me by helping me figure out who I am and have talked it out with me every step of the way,” Leggett said. “They definitely are a big factor in that part of my life, by helping me plan things in my community or putting me in summer camps for people in the community.” 

     Leggett being in the LGBTQ+ community has had a positive impact on her life so far. 

     “For the most part being in the community has been positive with all the friends and family that you make,” Leggett said. 

     Leggett understands that with the positives of being in the community may come with negatives.

     “I’ve faced backlash from different communities or groups with religious affiliation or social norms,” Leggett said.

     Many people have faced backlash as a result of being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, but for Leggett it does not bother her. 

     “I’ve had people make comments and remarks of how it’s not right,” Leggett said. 

     Coming out has also affected Leggett’s relationships in a positive way. 

     “All my relationships have become stronger; being able to share and communicate on a whole new level to that person who you really are definitely helps,” Leggett said. 

      With the journey that Leggett had to go through, she has advice for anyone who is struggling to come out or find their way. 

     “You don’t have to have a specific label,” Leggett said. “It will help you in the long run to start off with someone knowing who you are.”

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