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A'nyia Clemons, News Co-Editor

A'nyia Clemons 2.png

A’Nyia Clemons is a senior at Rose and is entering her second year of Journalism as a News editor. She has written for News in her past year in journalism as a staff writer and specifically likes to bring what’s happening at Rose and in Pitt County to the attention of all Rose students, parents, and other residents of Pitt County who are interested. In her free time, she likes to travel, try new foods of different cultures, and engage in psychological films. A’Nyia was taking journalism virtually last year as well as the rest of her classes, so she believes the challenges she was presented with then has made her a better writer today. A’Nyia hopes to advance even more as a writer, thrive as an editor, and benefit from working around the other passionate writers of Rampant Lines. 

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