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International school trips return in summer of 2022

WED. | 05-26-21 | NEWS

     After a year of school trips being cancelled, a few Rose teachers have decided to schedule various trips for summer 2022. English teacher Karen Medlin will be leading a trip to Greece that is scheduled to take place in late June of 2022 due to COVID-19 travel restrictions beginning to be less strict. The trip was offered to the students at Rose as well as their parents. The group will view many different areas including Athens and multiple islands on their ten-day trip to Greece. 

     “This is an educational trip, but one to be enjoyed as a vacation for them also,” Medlin said. “We will fly in, bus on the mainland, cruise to the islands and fly home.”

     In addition to Medlin’s trip to Greece, Spanish teacher Luisa Haynes will be leading a trip to a few other areas of Europe and also offered the opportunity to both Rose students and parents which will take place in late June of 2022.

     “[We will spend] fourteen days covering Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain,” Haynes said. “I have several teachers [who will be chaperoning]: Amanda Davis, Cynthia Williams, Alessandra Nysether-Santos and Mrs. Cox.”

     Haynes and her group will be flying and riding the bus as their 

As a teacher of Spanish, I believe in th

Graphic by Murphy Fisher & A'nyia Clemons

main sources of travel in terms of getting to their locations. She recommends that any interested students register on the Education First (EF) touring company’s booking site and pay the deposit that then locks the cost of the trip at that time. 

     “EF is the best company in my experience and has shown me through the many years that I have traveled with them that they always put the safety of the students traveling first,” Haynes said. “Education First is a fun trip with the focus on learning.”

     As a Spanish teacher, Haynes values the importance of travel. She believes international travel opens students’  eyes to the world as a whole and strives to take interested students on a trip to one foreign country if not more every year. Haynes got the idea to do this trip and thought what better way was there to share her appreciation of traveling with her students. She believes that this trip will be beneficial to both students and parents by being a life changing moment. At the moment, Haynes has eight registered students with the hope of adding ten more students to the trip’s roster.

     “If [anyone] is interested, please come see me or log onto the site,” Haynes said. “We would love to do some fundraising to help with the cost, but should have everyone registered at that time.”

     Both trips are meant to be a stress reliever for the students after a long year of hard work and deadlines. These trips are around two thousand dollars, if not more each year. But with the trip being more than a year from now, students will have time to gather the money that’s left to attend this trip and be able to shop along the way. If you are interested in attending these trips, please email Haynes: and Medlin:

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