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September 27th, 2019

Senior year festivities return for class of 2022

MON. | 11-15-21 | NEWS

     Jostens is a company that is contracted by Rose for the production of yearbooks, cap and gowns and class rings for its juniors and seniors. Jostens representative Jason Hogan hosts an annual cap and gown informational session for the graduating class of Rose, and gives a presentation that briefs the students on the process of ordering different items seniors can purchase and when he returns to collect orders and payment. Due to school returning to face-to-face learning this year, this event was able to return in person on Thursday, Oct. 28 during first period. As Rose tradition, seniors are immediately released from the information session into the cafeteria to be rewarded with a senior breakfast.

     Rose’s lead guidance counselor Christa Monroe contributed to this event by serving as an overseer with the help of her fellow guidance counselors who served as advertisers by sharing the


Graphic by A'nyia Clemons

information to the seniors that they counsel. Monroe worked as the lead contact between the seniors, Hogan, the counselors, teachers and administrators to ensure that the event ran quickly and smoothly. 

     “I coordinate with our Jostens representative by setting dates for him to come out and meet with our seniors about cap and gown orders with the addition of also setting dates for him to come out and collect orders that the seniors make,” Monroe said. “We make sure that he has somewhere to house cap and gowns when they come in for students and coordinate the time for him to come and distribute those items when the time comes in the spring.”

     Due to COVID-19, the cap and gown presentation was done virtually for the class of 2021. Online ordering was the main option for the last graduating class and is still heavily encouraged by Hogan for the class of 2022.

     “Last year’s graduating class as well as the graduating class of 2020 probably had the craziest experience in terms of distributing materials,” Monroe said. “Hogan didn’t meet with the seniors last year so we are now getting back to where we were so things can be ordered and received in time.”

     Receiving cap and gown orders on time is important for seniors because they are required to wear their gowns and scrolls during awards day and graduation in the spring. Monroe and other counselors that attend the presentations ensure that every senior receives an ordering packet that includes information about ordering class rings, senior gear and more.

     “Hogan will be providing packets for the seniors that contain everything that they need to know in it; students will leave with a packet in hand so they can carry it home to their parents and decide what it is that they need to order,” Monroe said. “If there is a student that is not able to attend and say for instance that they have a class at Pitt Community College that they cannot miss, we do keep extra packets from Mr. Hogan so that they can come by and pick them up.”

     Both Monroe and Student Government Association (SGA) advisor Luisa Haynes come together to coordinate the times in which both the cap and gown information session and senior breakfast can run consecutively and with caution so that each graduating class of Rose can experience this tradition. 

     “I set a date for which [Hogan] can come out and meet with us and once I set that date, I get with Mrs. Haynes [to] make sure that we have our senior breakfast set and available for our students,” Monroe said. “This is absolutely a Rose tradition and students usually look forward to the opportunity of being recognized as being seniors, and so what seniors will be able to do is go into the cafeteria, pick up the different items that are available to them, socialize with their peers for a little while and enjoy being a senior.”

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