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September 27th, 2019

Tradesformers transforms students’ career paths

TUES. | 03-02-21 | NEWS

SAT. | 10-10-20 | NEWS

     Tradesformers is a youth apprenticeship program created by Pitt County’s area industries that is designed to introduce talented students to expanding industry commerce in the county. This opportunity aims to provide a jumpstart for Pitt County’s local high school juniors, but due to COVID-19, adjustments have been made within the program. 

     Rose Career Development Coordinator Fran Green, contributes to this program by helping recruit eligible students for this opportunity at Rose.

     “Area industries approached Pitt County Schools with the opportunity,” Green said. “And by providing opportunities with fundamental training, skills and expertise, our future workforce will be well-equipped with the skills to grow a successful year.”

     This opportunity was first announced to students on Monday, Feb. 15. The application process for the program requires many qualifications that a high school junior must meet as well as many different steps.

     “The application deadline this year is Monday, Mar. 15 and the application process is online and individual meetings are held virtually,”

Tradesformers Info-graphic - A'Nyia Clem

Graphic by A'niya Clemons

Green said. “The high school juniors must be in good academic standing, have good attendance and discipline records, able to pass a drug screening and have an NC driver’s license.”

     Even with COVID-19 present, recruited students will undergo most of the same procedures that were initially implemented in previous years. Business partners including Greenville Utilities, Pitt Electric, Advanced Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning Manning Masonry, Piedmont Service Group, CL Waters Plumbing and Jack Farrior Inc will remain involved in the program.

     “If invited, students will attend an orientation with an industry partner, then go through an interview process to determine the best position for them with the company,” Green said. “Tradesformers apprenticeships take place at the individual businesses.”

     With COVID-19, safety precautions must be taken by both the students and the business leaders to ensure that the program will run as smoothly as possible therefore the recruitment process will be more complex than before.

     “The students are able to complete their apprenticeships with every business partner because they are considered essential workers,” Work-based Learning Coordinator Simone Pate said. “The only challenge is recruiting students since visitors are not allowed to go in [to local schools] to do presentations.” 

     The Tradesformers program is intended to mimic an actual job for the students, allowing for recruited students to better prepare recruited students for their future careers.

     “There is a base pay rate for the apprenticeships,” Green said. “Industry partners may also pay for any additional training [that] the student needs as they continue to work for the company.”

     The actual apprenticeships will begin in the summer at each of the individual businesses during each of the student’s junior years. It will continue through their senior year as well as post-graduation as the individual businesses carry out their preparations to take the students in as employees. The highlights of the Tradesformers youth apprenticeship program include industry-recognized credentials and flexibility to earn additional certifications as well as college degrees. 

     “Tradesformers is a great opportunity for students to get a jumpstart on their career choice,” Green said.

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