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September 27th, 2019

Convocation commences again

MON. | 10-25-21 | NEWS

SAT. | 10-10-20 | NEWS

     Convocation is usually held early in the school year but due to COVID-19, it will be held on Friday, Oct. 22 in the gym. Convocation is a formal event that was created by the past Rose administration that highlights the introduction of the graduating class to the community of Rose. 

     Rose guidance counselor Alayna Maness plays a major role in the coordination of Convocation by serving as a communication operator. With this job, Maness is in charge of setting up arrangements and assisting the other faculty in order to meet the needs of the seniors and their families. 

     “Convocation is an opportunity for the seniors to be recognized and [to] embrace the start of senior year,” Maness said. “I serve as a liaison in making sure that everyone knows their role [and] I ensure that everything works out and runs smoothly.”

    The tradition of Convocation has been something that is held special to Rose and its


Photo contributed by Rampant Lines Archive

graduating class. The tradition has been in place for many years and when new administrations and faculty come into office, they pick up and continue the tradition.

     “When I got to Rose it was something that already took place; there used to be an administrator who oversaw it [and] the prior administrators who left took me under their wing and showed me the ways of Convocation,” Maness said. “I took that information and tried my best to continue the Rampant tradition.”

     Along with Maness, many other Rose faculty participate in the coordination of Convocation including Betsy Hughes with the orchestra, Stephanie Peo with the chorus, Matthew Howard who runs sound with the band, and Rose custodians who help set up and ensure that the gym looks presentable. 

     Principal Darryl Thomas will also contribute to this event following his return to Rose this year by serving as a confirmation operator along with a few special guests to bring in the warm welcome for the seniors.

     “I’ll be working with Mr. Thomas for the first time; [however] he has been a part of Convocation before but not as the principal,” Maness said. “We bring in our teacher of the year to speak and there are so many different people that play a huge role in making Convocation successful.”

     In prior years, there were no mass restrictions regarding the capacity of guests allowed in the gym. However, the Class of 2021 was not able to have Convocation last year due to strict COVID-19 protocols and guidelines. This year, Rose administration strives to bring back the tradition by enforcing a strict limit on the number of guests to ensure the safety of the students, staff and guests.

    “In previous years, underclassmen were able to look on and be included in the warm celebration [and] last year for the Class of 2021, we actually didn’t get to have Convocation so this year for the Class of 2022, we are certainly trying to make it work,” Maness said. “Attendance will be cut down this year so that we can keep everyone at a safe distance from one another [so] I believe we are allowing two guests per senior.”

     For guests that aren’t able to attend and support their seniors in person, there will be a livestream posted that morning so that they can support virtually. Administrators and other faculty strive to provide the best possible experience for the seniors and their guests while staying safe and following the COVID-19 protocols at the same time.

     “The biggest thing we as faculty and administration need to do is have everyone come in and follow the directions that I will give as quickly and clearly as possible, and as long as everyone follows the instructions everything should run smoothly and we should have a great morning,” Maness said.

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