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Kemorah - Link Crew.HEIC

WED. | 08-03-22 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Kemorah Ullah highlights Rose's Link Crew program and how it helps freshmen make the transition from middle school to high school. 

Riley- Todd.JPG

WED. | 06-15-22 | FEATURES

Features staff writer Riley Harris goes over the impact science teacher Mr.Todd has made at Rose and details about his future position as Dean of Students at Northwest Elementary School.

teen leadership pic.JPG

WED. | 06-0-22 | FEATURES

Features Editor Ava Alger highlights the leadership opportunities gained by Rose students through Pitt County Teen Leadership. 

Kea picture .JPG

SAT. | 05-28-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Ginny Blount reflects on history teacher Amity Kea's career and legacy at Rose as she prepares to move to a new job at the Pitt County Schools Central Office.

addams family pic.jpeg

MON. | 05-23-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Riley Harris highlights the Rose theatre's production of "The Addams Family" and how they adapted to losing one of their theatre directors, Jackie Golebiowski due to maternity leave. 

harris properties.png

SAT. | 05-07-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Ginny Blount highlights history intern Nnamdi Scott and how he has dealt with adversities he has faced during his internship at Rose. 

spanish club

TUES. | 05-03-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Anna Rushing highlights Rose's Spanish Club and how they participate in events to learn about and celebrate Hispanic culture, such as visiting local Hispanic organizations and painting famous Spanish artworks on ceiling tiles.


SUN. | 05-01-22 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Kemorah Ullah highlights Rose junior Keller Fraley's FBLA involvement as well as his journey to becoming the Eastern Region Vice President for NC FBLA.

Ms. Cox picture.jpg

SAT. | 04-30-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Riley Harris discusses Chemistry teacher Jerri Lynn Cox, who lost her husband to cancer a year and a half ago, and how she found hope in the friends, colleagues, and students around her.

Aniya Baby Shower Pic.png

SAT. | 04-30-22 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Ava Alger discusses Rose junior Aniya Hemby, who had a surprise baby shower thrown for her by Angie Byrne’s Health Science l class on Tuesday, Mar. 8.


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