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FRI. | 04-29-22 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Anna McLean Evans discusses Rose senior Kemper Hudson and his battle with cancer, as well as the hope and support he has found through his doctors, his mom, BMX, and working.

project please stay

FRI. | 04-08-22 | FEATURES

Feature Staff Writer Malaysha Hardy discusses the new club at Rose dedicated to bringing awareness to mental health. The Please Stay Project focuses on making sure students know they are loved.

Ava_ graphic for kristian koonce.png

THURS. | 04-07-22 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Ava Alger highlights Rose junior Kristian Koonce and how she made the switch to complete virtual learning. Koonce explains why this decision was best for her personally. 

EC Prom photo.HEIC

THURS. | 04-07-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Riley Harris discusses the exceptional students' opportunity to attend this year's prom. Student Government Association (SGA) has put together this event for them. 

Emily Mitchum.png

WED. | 04-06-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Ginny Blount reports on Rose junior Emily Mitchum, who puts her cake baking talents to use in her own small business: Sweets By Emily.

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Kemorah - Graphic.png

WED. | 04-06-22 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Kemorah Ullah discusses the struggles Rose junior Zoe Gizinski experienced as COVID-19 shut down her driver's ed class and postponed her permit and license.

Screenshot 2022-04-05 11.37.24 PM.png

TUES. | 04-05-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Anna Rushing profiles former Rose math teacher Marie Lewis and discusses why she still does what she does with students, even after retiring. 

Spread - Journalism.png

SUN. | 04-03-22 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Anna McLean Evans discusses COVID-19, its massive impact on journalism at Rose, and current and former writers' reflections on the past two years of the pandemic.

Polina Bowen Africa picture.jpg

THURS. | 03-10-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Anna Rushing discusses Rose junior Polina Bowen, who spent part of last summer in Tanzania working with local women, teaching them about women's empowerment, and learning their stories.

KT animals.heic

WED. | 03-09-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Riley Harris highlights Rose junior Kinsley Tate White, her passion for animals, and the ways she helps them. 


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