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Scott overcomes internship adversities

SAT.| 05-07-22 | FEATURES

     The typical intern for a high school class goes through a routine process, such as being matched with one clinical teacher in a classroom to prepare them as a future teacher. East Carolina University Senior Nnamdi Scott has had a not-so-typical intern experience this year. Scott has been through four clinical teachers and three different classroom switches throughout this year at Rose. 

     Scott began his internship in the fall with former history teacher Ariel Tyson, due to his major being History Education. Being an intern for Tyson consisted of regular lesson planning, PowerPoint presentations and creating assessments for the class. 

     “I was there once a week for the first semester; it was interesting getting a chance to actually be in the school more often since COVID started,” Scott said. “Coming fresh from COVID, this school year was also very interesting to see kids' social skills and the classroom dynamic.” 

     Midway through the fall semester, Tyson was absent for several weeks, which meant Scott needed a cooperating teacher to observe instead of sitting in


Photo by Ginny Blount

a room with a substitute. Scott then transitioned into a short-term position in Amity Kea’s Advanced Placement (AP) United States History classes, which was a bigger responsibility than what he was handling before in Tyson’s world history classes. 

     “Going into AP was a different breed; the amount of content on a daily basis was a lot, and it was more challenging,” Scott said. “It's also a different dynamic because your expectations are to make sure that students can pass their AP exam as opposed to a standard or honors class where there isn't as much content, nor a year-long AP class.” 

     With Kea’s classroom being a short-term solution and Tyson officially resigning from Rose, Scott is now co-interning with two clinical teachers. His day consists of switching between administrator Sam Lee’s civics classes and history teacher Andrew Pierce’s world history class. The circumstances of having two classes rather than one has allowed Scott to turn a corner in his internship experience. 

     “It is different now than when I started this semester because I have been able to see two different teaching styles and two different subjects,” Scott said. “The dynamic is also different because I'm going from teaching two periods down the hall with Lee to then coming into Pierce's class for one period at the end of the day.” 

     What Scott decides to take away from his experience of having to transition his internship position three different times in this school year is to have a positive outlook on change. His skills and ability to adapt to different teaching styles and subjects have set him up for years to come as a history teacher. 

     “Having to transition on the fly has made it way more apparent to me that I am more adaptable and flexible to make the best out of any situation I am being placed into,” Scott said. “It can be a lot to transition, especially the way it happened this year at the beginning of the semester.” 

     Although Scott's experience as an intern has been through its ups and downs, he is thankful for the staff and administration’s support at Rose. He hopes to continue a career at Rose, having applied for a history faculty position for the 2022-23 school year. 

     “There are a lot of great mentors coming from all across the Y hallway where I spend most of my time,” Scott said. “Everyone has been really supportive and helpful on any advice I've needed, and I don't regret anything that has happened with the changes that occurred this semester.” 

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