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SUN. | 02-13-22 | OPINION

Co-Editors-in-Chief Emma Hastings and William Becker give advice on how to get yourself a Valentine this year. Follow these steps for a yet-to-be-proven but assumed-to-work plan on landing a date for the special day.



Rants & Raves

The football team is killing it

Follow William's dog on Instagram

Is The Shining a Christmas movie?

Wear your red scarves

Christmas break is longer, but not long enough

What's with all the JHR Instagram accounts

Some clubs are doing too much

Why is next semester so long

Thank goodness the toilet paper got restocked

Water in bathroom is too cold

Why are the stalls in some of the bathrooms literally 4 feet tall 

Speed bumps behind school are awful

Why do our sports always make it far but never win

Rampant Rants and Raves are contributed by students and do not reflect the opinions of the Rampant Lines staff. Submit rants on Twitter or Instagram @rampantlines or e-mail them to

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