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OPINION 2021-2022 (Spring Semester)

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MON. | 08-15-22 | OPINION

Entertainment Co-Editor Cecelia Batton discusses why AP class absences rise after AP exams, and why the current system should be altered as students are currently being punished for missing class even though the curriculum has been completed.

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THUR. | 07-28-22 | OPINION

Opinion staff writer Majkalah Harris offers insight on the recent baby formula shortage, what caused it, and some ideas to end it. 

gun control for harry by liv.png

TUES. | 06-14-22 | OPINION

Entertainment Co-Editor Harry Albritton discusses his opinion on the recent school shooting shooting in Texas and what can be done to prevent tragedies like it in the future.

courtyard safi.HEIC

WEDS. | 06-08-22 | OPINION

Opinion Staff Writer Safi Waqas shares her opinion on utilizing the courtyard more frequently than it currently is. 

cecelia - ap exam graphic .png

WEDS. | 06-08-22 | OPINION

Entertainment Co-Editor Cecelia Batton discusses the flaws within AP exams. 

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SUN. | 06-05-22 | OPINION

Entertainment Co-Editor Harry Albritton gives his opinion on the Supreme Court potentially overturning Roe v. Wade, which he believes is unfair and would result in increased economic disparity in the country and an increase in the number of birth-related deaths.

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TUES. | 05-31-22 | OPINION

Co-Editors-in-Chief William Becker and Emma Hastings share some of their experiences at Rose and what they have learned over their time here. 


Rants & Raves

The football team is killing it

Follow William's dog on Instagram

Is The Shining a Christmas movie?

Wear your red scarves

Christmas break is longer, but not long enough

What's with all the JHR Instagram accounts

Some clubs are doing too much

Why is next semester so long

Thank goodness the toilet paper got restocked

Water in bathroom is too cold

Why are the stalls in some of the bathrooms literally 4 feet tall 

Speed bumps behind school are awful

Why do our sports always make it far but never win

Rampant Rants and Raves are contributed by students and do not reflect the opinions of the Rampant Lines staff. Submit rants on Twitter or Instagram @rampantlines or e-mail them to


SAT. | 05-28-22 | OPINION

Opinion Editor Liv Carpenter gives his opinions on some of the negative comments that have been made towards journalism at Rose, and how they paint an inaccurate picture of the class and its importance.

tardy pass

WED. | 05-25-22 | OPINION

Entertainment/Opinion Staff Writer Abby Ershadi gives her opinion on how tardies can sometimes be unnecessary and make the situation harder than it has to be. She believes rare, few minutes tardies should go unpunished since it makes students more tardy to get a pass.

elon musk

SUN. | 05-22-22 | OPINION

Entertainment/Opinion Staff Writer Jack Albritton gives his opinion on Elon Musk recently buying Twitter and making it a privately owned app. He weighs into the controversy over how much Musk is going to change the app.

Will Smith _ Chris Rock - Cecelia.png

SAT. | 05-14-22 | OPINION

Entertainment Co-Editor Cecelia Batton discusses the controversy surrounding the slap Chris Rock received from Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars, and voices her opinion that neither celebrity was entirely in the right nor the wrong.


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