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Editors teach how to woo your boo

SUN. | 02-13-22 | OPINION

     With Valentine’s Day approaching, one of the goals is to get a significant other to spend the day with. Thankfully, Emma and William are here to help you get a date for this year's celebration. Valentine’s Day without a date is just another day, so we are going to help you make it memorable.

     The first step is to scout out potential dates. This means that you must look around and figure out who you would like to take to a dance, get to know better,

Valentines Day Graphic.png

Graphic by William Becker

etc. Essentially, find someone you would like to get to know as more than just friends. Don’t feel pressured to ask someone out solely because they’re popular or they have the best connections. Ask someone out because you genuinely like them. When scouting out potential dates, it’s also important to know if they already have a significant other. While it certainly doesn’t have to make or break a friendship, getting turned down by someone who’s already dating someone else can be awkward. So ask their friends or check their Instagram. If they have someone else’s username in their bio with heart emojis next to it, you can safely assume that they’re unavailable.

     The second step is to find out what they like and what their favorite hobbies are. You will later use this information to have a real life conversation where you will give them no option but to fall in love with you. There is a fairly simple way of achieving this. Find out the qualities they want in a significant other and consider if you fit in that box. Let the side of your personality that fits in that box shine, but make sure you are still your true self. Show them how you're a god(dess). Honesty is important in a relationship, so if you plan to continue dating beyond Valentine’s Day, make sure you’re true to them and yourself. However, don’t open up too quickly to this person. We do not recommend embarrassing yourself until at least date 30 if you choose to ask them out.

     The third step is to make your move and hope for success! Find a moment where you can be relatively alone with the person you would like to ask out and take that chance. We understand that it can be very nerve-racking, but the worst you can hear is “no”. If they accept, you’ve done it! Enjoy your time with them and see what happens! That one date just may become more than one. If they decline, accept it and don’t take it too hard. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person; you might just not be the one they’re looking for. There are still plenty of fish in the sea. Don’t make too big of a deal out of it and avoid letting it become your villain origin story if possible. Have some pride in yourself!

      At the end of the day, remember that you are only in high school and your love life is not over quite yet. You have the rest of your life to find your Valentine, and with the current state of the world, we guarantee you it is not world-ending if you do not find your Valentine this year. If all else fails, marry rich ;)

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