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William Becker, Co-Editor-in-Chief


William Becker is a senior and one of this year’s co-editors-in-chief for Rampant Lines. He has been in journalism since freshman year, and spent his sophomore and junior years as an editor for the Entertainment section. He is particularly passionate about movies and writing, which is what originally led him to Entertainment, where he has been since nearly his first day in journalism. He additionally participates in several clubs/organizations at J.H. Rose and is a varsity swimmer. William considers himself a creative and expressive person, and he finds that he expresses himself best through his writing. He greatly enjoys entertaining others through writing, and this has been one of his favorite aspects of being a student journalist. Journalism gives him a freedom of expression that he rarely finds elsewhere, and it has drawn him back year after year. 


Additionally, please contact him if you have any idea what’s in the random manila folder in the journalism room’s ceiling. He really wants to know.


Additionally additionally, for inquiries on Room 321, please contact either Emma or him.

What our staff has to say:

"We love working with William because he always has a positive attitude, has a million great ideas, and is super enthusiastic about the movies he reviews." -member of Rampant Lines


"William is always super helpful in class and you can tell he has a real passion for journalism that makes Rampant Lines the fun environment that it is." -member of Rampant Lines

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