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Writer refutes unreasonable reform work

TUES. | 10-11-22 | OPINION

     Punishments for such small, Refresh-related offenses should not be so annoying and excessive.

     If you’re not familiar with it, refresh is three 25-minute periods of enrichment. There are choices of selecting two classes and one lunch block. Students are expected to do this by 3:45 p.m. each day, or else they get reform.

     Reform is a punishment system. Acts such as skipping, being late, misbehaving and not filling out your refresh schedule will all get you sent to reform. You have to write multiple sentences based on the offense, and you must sit in a room for all refresh blocks with lunch served during C lunch from a kiosk. I personally think that reform could be helpful, but the punishments for being late and not filling out a schedule in Flextime Manager could be excessive.


Photo by Ben Cathey

     For example, last year, you had to write about 30 sentences for forgetting to do your refresh schedule. 30 sentences. Nobody could imagine how many hand cramps, pencil sharpens and breaks one would have to take during that time. The sentences are lengthy with something like “I must complete my Refresh schedule of two classes and one lunch block by 3:45 p.m. each day to avoid reform.” Completely too much for not filling your schedule out. 

     The sentence written for being late is a little longer and you have to write it five more times. Being late is a reasonable thing to punish, but I still believe that this is far too many sentences to write for this offense. Some people may have to cross all the way from the 800 hall to the 100 hall. Students may have to use the bathroom since they aren’t allowed to go during Refresh. I remember a time when I had to use the bathroom on my way to my next Refresh class, but the first bathroom I went to was full of people, so I had to rush to go to the bathroom at the start of the 200 hall. I ended up being sent to reform because that detour made me two minutes late to my next block.

     I think it’s unfair for students to have annoying punishments for small things like that. The punishments for those offenses should be far less severe.

     For example, the sentence amount for failing to do your refresh schedule should be reduced a lot. Maybe about 10-15 sentences with a less wordy phrase to write. However, the count of sentences should go up based on how many times you had to come back to reform. 

     For being late, the number of sentences you write in reform should depend on how late you were to the class and why you were late. Making this change would be a simple way for the number of sentences students write to be reduced.

     There is an entirely new team working on refresh for the 2022-23 school year, so a change could possibly occur. I would love to see fewer and fewer people being sent to reform for such small things. 

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