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September 27th, 2019

Rose revamps ahead of new school year

TUE. | 10-24-23 | NEWS

     Over the summer, Rose revamped several areas of the campus. The renovations include a new Performing Arts Center (PAC) entrance, a renovated courtyard, a repaved parking lot and a remodeled cafeteria. The PAC and lecture hall will also be renovated this semester.

     The PAC entrance was renovated to allow more security.

     “We have had a PAC corridor added as well onto our PAC entrance just to allow for secure entry into the building,” Assistant Principal Sam Lee said.

     The old PAC entrance consisted of full-length glass doors. With the newly built corridors, the entrance can be more safely maintained.

     “[The PAC renovation] had been talked about for a while just because it was just glass doors for a long time, and being a very open campus located in Greenville, as large as it was, it kind of looked like a main office entrance,” Lee said. “With [the new entrance] there, that is just providing an extra layer of security, another secure entry into the building where we can have a staff member that can monitor and just ensure that the appropriate people are coming into the school that need to come into the school.”

     Along with other Pitt County schools, Rose's cafeteria underwent a full remodel. The cafeteria is now equipped with 

IMG_6971 (2).HEIC

Photo by Maddie Lanier

updated tables, murals, logos and motivational quotes.

     “It looks phenomenal,” Lee said. “Other than getting new flooring, everything is pretty much brand new.”

     The parking lot was also included in the renovations. This project, in particular, had to be executed during the summer when students were not present.

     “That was a massive, massive project,” Lee said. “The student parking lot, bus parking lot, and PAC parking lots [were] dug up, new foundation was put in, all new asphalt and of course, new white striping too, so you can see where you're parking and make sure the number is right.”

     One of the other big updates that has occurred is the newly updated courtyard. It received new pavers, stones, trees and bushes. These changes started in the spring of last school year but had been in the works for a while. 

     In the upcoming months, the PAC and lecture hall will be renovated as well. They will be furnished with new chairs, carpeting and paint.

     These renovations take time, money and effort. They must be approved by the Pitt County Board of Education. 

     “If you drove by a school this summer you know that you saw Rose and North Pitt just looked like a demolition out there… Its now solved,” Superintendent Dr. Ethan Lenker. “[There were] flooring projects at 13 schools or maybe more, playgrounds at all of our elementary schools thats 22 if you count all the schools K5 through K8, [and they] installed over 1500 cameras.”

     After these projects were approved and funded, everyone got to work right away.

     “We did a lot of leg work and coordination just to make it possible because once they come saying ‘hey we got this approved [and] we have the money, when would you like for us to start?’, you should probably be saying, ‘right now’ because if things get delayed, maybe money goes somewhere else or maybe they have to focus their attention on another school,” Lee said. “lt was nice to get this done over the summer time.”

     These renovations help to keep Rose safe, secure and updated.

     “[The renovations are] important to the community based on where our school sits [because] it is centrally located, there [are] Rose alumni all over the place [and] our facilities get used all the time outside of this instructional day,” Lee said. “It shows that the county does find this school important, and the use of this goes a long way [and] the renovations are going to make the school last longer.”

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