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Refresh changes cause student uproar

THU.| 11-30-23 | OPINION

     Refresh made a very late return this year. In previous years, Refresh would return in September for the start of the school year. This year, we didn’t get it back until almost October.

     Everyone at Rose has heard of Refresh one way or another. For the few who are either new or have been living under a rock with Patrick Star, Refresh is a portion of the day with three blocks you can pick. You must have two academic or enrichment blocks and one lunch block. Personally, I’ve always found Refresh annoying and always preferred the regular schedule. Yes, it can benefit you because you can pick academic sessions, and I use it to practice for my band class, but the rules enforced are heavily strict for no reason. Reform is in place for those who break the rules for Refresh as a punishment system. The Reform adviser has people write a different amount of sentences for each “offense” they have done. I shouldn’t have to sit in a room,


Photo by Ella Sparrow

monitored like a criminal, and be forced to write 30 sentences all because I forgot to sign up for Refresh.

     Refresh has faced some changes this year. The timing of it has had a slight tweak to fit with the new schedule for the day. The new and interesting 95% rule has also been added. It states that if 95% of the student body doesn’t sign up for Refresh by a specific date, refresh for that day will be canceled and we will be on regular schedule. I do understand why this rule was created because last year Refresh was not taken seriously. Many would skip or simply not do it, and when asked to go to reform, some wouldn’t show up.

     The implementation of the 95% rule has had some drawbacks. Since clubs started last month, they have to meet during refresh sessions. Because so many people have not signed up for Refresh, they have to cancel their meetings. The cancellation of Refresh has also stopped many from participating in practice/academic sessions. I normally spend Refresh in the band room practicing my marching band instrument but without Refresh I am not able to practice on my own. 

     I think that 95% of the student population consistently signing up is an unrealistic expectation. Some of the people that haven’t been signed up are the off-campus people who have free periods or take Pitt Community College classes. With certain students not having to be here for Refresh, they never sign up. This lumps them in with the people who haven’t signed up on campus, counting against the needed 95%.The people who are off campus should be added to a roster where they’re not included in anything Refresh related so they don’t count against the 95%.

     The new Refresh rule is very unfair to the percentage of students who are relying and consistently signing up for it. A better solution would be repercussions for the many who purposefully don’t sign up for it, and also making it easier for off-campus students to not be counted towards the 95%.

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