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OPINION (2020-2021)

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TUES. | 9-12-20 | OPINION

Staff writer Forbes Hall describes how her summer plans were vastly changed due to COVID-19 and what she did to make the best of the situation.


SAT. | 9-12-20 | OPINION

Co-Editors-in-Chief Murphy Fisher and Tierney Reardon discuss their views on switching school to all-virtual learning.

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 6.54.01 PM.png

FRI. | 8-14-20 | OPINION

Co-Editors-In-Chief Murphy Fisher and Tierney Reardon discuss the upcoming school year and their conversation with Board Member Anna Barrett Smith.


WED. | 5-22-20 | OPINION

In this podcast, Entertainment Co-Editor Zach Rogers and Opinion Co-Editor Lexi Karaivanova will be discussing the steps left in this presidential election process, the nominees for the election and their thoughts on who candidate Joe Biden will choose as his vice president. 

pizza polit cover zach rendition-01.png

FRI. | 5-15-20 | OPINION

In this podcast, Emily Schmidt and Sarah Porter, the two Editors-in-Chief of Rampant Lines, take a new approach to the newspaper's classic Editor's Cup. Emily and Sarah discuss PCS's recent graduation updates, the early ending of school, and reminisce about some of their favorite high school memories. 

WED. | 5-6-20 | OPINION

In their debut episode of Pizza and Politics, Opinion Co-Editor Lexi Karaivanova and Entertainment Co-Editor Zach Rogers discuss this year's primary controversies, the political ramifications of COVID-19, and Bernie Sanders's decision to drop out of the 2020 election, all while enjoying some good ole Greenville pizza. 

pizza polit cover zach rendition-01.png


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