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Issue 1

September 27th, 2019

Officer Slaughter serves Rose as sole SRO

MON. | 11-7-22 | NEWS

     Every day, students and staff fill the halls of Rose. As students walk the halls, they often see School Resource Officer (SRO) William Slaughter in his blue and black uniform on his segway, patrolling the halls. Students might see him in the commons, the cafeteria or anywhere around the school. In past years, Rose has had two SRO’s to provide security for the school, this year that job is left solely to Slaughter. Slaughter has been an SRO at Rose for five years but this is the first year he is unaccompanied by a partner. Due to the lack of resource officers to fill the spaces at each school, some rearranging had to be done this year. Rose and South Central High School each lost an SRO so that every school in Pitt County could have at least one officer on site. 

     “The Chief [of police] wanted to have more coverage at the schools so my officer was pulled and the officer at South Central was pulled to provide coverage to other schools,” Slaughter said. 

     Slaughter worked as a regular police officer for 20 years before becoming an SRO. Slaughter has been at Rose since he became an SRO. 

     Although Slaughter is the only SRO at Rose full-time this year, there are many other officers who come in to assist as time allows. 


Photo by Maya Swaggerty 

     “We have officers that come when they're not busy answering calls on the street,” Slaughter said. “You'll see them occasionally walk around the school basically providing another uniformed officer, another presence inside the building.”  

     Although Slaughter has proved to be fully capable of managing the school by himself, there are plans for another SRO to join him in the future. In the meantime Slaughter is continuing to manage the school well on his own. 

     “I can't say for sure when, but it will happen,” Slaughter said. “It is just a matter of getting some officers trained.” 

     Being the only man on the job this year, Slaughter has had to adjust his time management greatly. 

     “We still have the same call volume, [and you] still have the same duties that you've been having but now it's just you,” Slaughter said. “Now my time is just stretched thin.”

     Slaughter’s daily routine generally consists of checking windows and doors to ensure that everything is locked up and safe. Overall, he makes sure everyone and everything is safe and cared for. Slaughter also greets students as they come in each morning, he stands at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) door every morning.  

     Although Slaughter believes that his routine has gotten busier, Slaughter has adapted to the time management aspect of being the only SRO for Rose. 

     “I still [do] the same thing I used to do, I just have so much more of it,” Slaughter said. 

     Slaughter enjoys being the SRO for Rose because of the students. His job this year might be seen as more challenging than normal, but he is facing it head on and continuing to provide protection and security for the school as he has always done. 

     “I say a small prayer every time I wake up, let's make sure I can provide, keep [the students] safe [and] keep the staff safe, and as long as I can do that, I'm good,” Slaughter said. 

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