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New Year's Eve celebrations are overdone

THURS.| 1-12-23 | OPINION

     Many fantastic holidays are celebrated throughout the year. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Independence Day. Each holiday is known for big gatherings and great times with friends and family, which are well deserved. However, the holiday that doesn’t deserve the big celebrations received is New Year's Eve.

     Every holiday has a purpose. Christmas is about gifts and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ (if you’re religious), Thanksgiving is about family and being thankful for what you have and Halloween is about dressing up as your favorite character and having fun. New Year's Eve lacks originality and purpose, which makes it not as unique as other holidays. Every year, people have huge parties with fireworks and drinks, some may even share a kiss when the clock strikes midnight. The holiday fails to live up to that hype.

     New Year’s Eve also has an annual T.V. celebration with many artists performing. 

New Years Overhyped

Graphic by Anthien Nguyen

They have one hosted in New York City at Times Square and they have other specials in places with different time zones like Hawaii and California. The most popular celebration is in New York. Annually, thousands flock to Times Square just to watch the drop of a ball. As a New York native, I can say that nobody from there goes to see the ball drop. Not only would it be packed, but New York winters are cold, so you would have to wear multiple layers of clothing. There are also no bathrooms, so some people wear diapers to the event. It shouldn’t be worth all of the hassle if you’re just celebrating another day going by. The only good thing that would make the celebration worth it is the different musicians performing at the show. Other than that, going out of your way to see a ball drop is a waste of time.

     Every New Year’s Eve, there is always a big party going on. I don’t have a problem with people having a get-together to celebrate the New Year, but the parties are often overdone. I very rarely have a party on New Year’s Eve, so most times I’d stay up until twelve in the morning just for fun and go to sleep right after. Unfortunately, my rest is ruined by the constant crack of fireworks and loud music. If I do go to a New Year’s party, it feels very pointless. Oftentimes, there are a lot of people there with music playing and food being served. The New Year’s Eve celebration in New York would also be playing on the TV. I always dread the countdown of the last minute of the year because everyone at the party is yelling and counting down with the T.V. It’s even worse when the clock hits zero, because now everyone at the party is screaming and yelling while many couples kiss. People also create cheesy resolutions for the New Year all the time. I hate opening my Instagram and Snapchat just to see everyone and their grandmother posting their “New Year’s resolution”. Most times, they don’t even stick to it. 

     The concept of celebrating the new year is cool, but I strongly dislike how overdone it is. It doesn’t have a cool historical story like Christmas and Thanksgiving, it was just randomly celebrated over a thousand years ago. Therefore, it shouldn’t warrant fireworks, T.V. specials, and obnoxiously loud music. There also are no catchy hits about New Year’s. It annoys me how much people hype up New Year’s when in reality, it’s just another day going by.

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