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September 27th, 2019

Liles starts mayoral campaign

FRI. | 10-22-21 | NEWS

SAT. | 10-10-20 | NEWS

     On Sept. 23, Liz Liles, Greenville resident and founder of local nonprofit “Daughters of Worth”, publicly announced the start of her mayoral campaign. Liles moved to Greenville as a single mother of three boys in 2012 and has been involved in volunteer efforts in the city ever since.

     “Daughters of Worth” is a local nonprofit that Liles started in 2015 that serves hundreds of young girls who have experienced abuse, assault, trafficking and domestic violence. This organization also serves as an outlet for volunteer opportunities for many students at Rose, in addition to citizens of all ages in the greater Greenville community. Through her role in running this organization, Liles has had a front row seat to many issues that impact the citizens of Greenville, which has prompted her to run for this office.

     “When your boots are on the ground and you're seeing the barriers that a lot of these women and families are facing, I was looking for a way to bring change in a greater capacity,” said Liles.

     The key elements of Liles’ platform are economic development, equity and inclusion and smart and healthy intentional growth. She 


Photo contributed by Liz Liles

believes in targeting these areas in a way where all citizens are represented.

     “I want everyone to have a space where they feel like they belong, they're loved, they're seen, they're heard and they're known,” said Liles. “We want to create a city where we’re being smart about where we develop and that it's benefiting every single person, and that we are building a community through those decisions.”

     As founder of Daughters of Worth and an active volunteer in the community, Liles has observed the struggles that many Greenville residents face, including transportation, housing costs and job availability. From helping young girls and families tackle these issues, she believes that she can serve as a representative for this population and promote positive change.

     “Part of it is watching some decisions being made that do not benefit everyone in our community, some of this is just being brought on by being on the front lines and seeing the needs that are there, and some of it has just been the experiences that I have personally had with our young ladies,” said Liles.

     Through her work, Liles has had to endure intense situations, from removing girls from trafficking to finding housing for girls who were kicked out of their homes in the middle of the night. She believes that serving as a leader and mentor in these types of scenarios makes her even more equipped for this job.

     “I'm not coming from a space where I'm observing from the back room, I'm coming from a space where I have been the one that has been called in the middle of the night by a young lady in the hospital who had just been raped,” said Liles.

     Liles also describes herself as having a “servant mentality” and hopes to use her worth ethic and empathy to connect with and make decisions on behalf of all types of people in Greenville.

     “I don't want to get to the end of my life and know that there was something else left inside of me to be poured out to make life better for someone else,” said Liles. “If I have the opportunity to serve in this capacity and help families create the life they want for themselves and their children, why would I not be willing to step up?”

     Liles urges all Greenville citizens to get informed and involved in the political process in order to make positive change in the city. She believes that every citizen’s voice and concerns should be heard, but places special emphasis on the voices of the youth.

     “Don't discount the power,” said Liles. “I would love for students to see that your vote is your voice and a way to share with your community what's important to you.”

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