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September 27th, 2019

Huffman wins Outstanding Science Teacher

SUN. | 12-18-22 | NEWS

     Recently, Rose science teacher David Huffman was awarded North Carolina Science Teachers Association Outstanding Science Teacher of the year for 2022. Huffman has been at Rose for seven years and has taught earth science, physical science and advanced placement (AP) physics as well as being the Science Olympiad coach. 

     This award was given to Huffman for outstanding service in the science classroom. Huffman was nominated for this award by Jennifer Stalls, the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) coordinator and the director of Science Olympiad for Pitt County Schools. Stalls and Rose principal Darryl Thomas wrote Huffman’s letter of recommendations for the award. 

     “Mr. Huffman prioritizes equity in his classroom by meeting students where they are,”  Presenter Teresa Cowan said. “He identifies students’ background knowledge and then either links to prior knowledge or builds the foundations to master abstract content taught in physical science and AP Physics.”


Photo by Lorian McGillicuddy

     Cowan touched on a few of Huffman’s teaching methods while presenting the award.

     “He utilizes a variety of instructional strategies that incorporate both hands-on learning opportunities as well as the use of digital models,” Cowan said. “Mr. Huffman has done a great job at preparing students for instructional practices by having warm-up assignments tailored to learning styles, science interactive projects, integrated technology based lessons and has prepared practices for students to comprehend information.”

     When choosing the recipient of the award, the North Carolina Science Teachers Association looks at community outreach. Huffman excels in this category as he focuses on equality in his classroom and works with other teachers to promote equity for minority students in AP and honors classes. 

     “Most of [my award description] was talking about the stuff that I do with equity, trying to make sure everyone has an equal education and then how I help out with other people in the department and Pitt County and I do so many different things for the school,” Huffman said. 

     Huffman strives to prioritize his students and cares about them.

     “Mr. Huffman is a really good teacher because he doesn't force anything on you and he actually cares about the information so he tries to explain it to you in a way that will work,” junior and AP physics student Lucas Johnson said. “I think he teaches in a slightly different way because he explains the information and then most of the class isn't teaching, it's doing work to help you  understand what you’re doing, not just sitting there and lecturing you.” 

     Huffman says this award will not change his day to day job. He will continue to teach and help students everyday. 

     “[The award] means a lot to me,” Huffman said. “This award is for the congressional district, twelve counties, [and] I'm sure there [were] so many teachers that were nominated.”

     Huffman says it feels good to be recognized for his work. 

     “For me it was a much needed boost,” Huffman said. “I love interacting with all of the students here and getting to know them and help them in any way that I can.”

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