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September 27th, 2019

Rose alumna excels in art career

THURS. | 5-2-24 | NEWS

     Rose alumna Brooke Einbender is pursuing an art career. Einbender graduated from Rose in 2013 and is currently working in Telluride, Colorado making and selling her art.

     After graduation, Einbender studied studio art and entrepreneurship at Wake Forest University. She then moved to New York City, where she was first introduced to working in the art world. 

     “After college, I worked in New York for a private collector and her husband was curator of the Museum of Modern Art for 25 years,” Einbender said. “I was her curatorial assistant and helped her in all facets of her art business from cataloging art, working with museum acquisitions, working with auction houses, restoration of art and it was an incredible art education.”


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     Einbender took art at Rose with art teacher Randall Leach. It was her favorite class in high school. 

     “Art has always been a huge part of my life and really,  it’s just been about navigating how I make artwork as a career,” Einbender said. “It was just a calling that I had deep down that I had to follow.”

     Einbender has worked with art in many facets, but ultimately knew that she needed to be creating her own art. 

      “I had other jobs in the art world working for galleries, non-profits or art advisors, and none of them felt right, so I decided to take the leap and pursue my own art,” Einbender said. “It has been the most rewarding and incredible journey of my life.”

     Einbender now has a studio in Colorado where she is working on many new exhibits and creations.

     “My projects right now are focused on getting funding to build a giant kaleidoscope which will be displayed at Canal Convergence, an art and light event in Scottsdale, Arizona,” Einbender said. “I am working on a few commissions where I work with hotels to create elevator art for their spaces and with these projects, I print my art on vinyl decals and wrap the doors of the elevators and interior walls of the elevators with my designs to create immersive spaces.”

     Einbender has worked in many mediums of art such as oil painting, virtual reality painting, video art, projection mapping, large scale public art installation and elevator art. 

     “I couldn't just choose just one medium because I was so curious about all of the other mediums out there and so for me, it’s been a journey of experimenting with different forms of art,” Einbender said. “What I love about doing this method is to see how my artistic voice and style shines through no matter what medium I'm creating in.”

     For Einbender, art has truly allowed her to find herself.

     “I love making art because what I've found, is everything I create, no matter how abstract it is, is in some way a self- portrait and so as I create, I'm alchemizing my inner essence into physical form,” Einbender said. “Therefore, the more I create, the more I’m getting to know myself and who I am and for me, it’s been such a beautiful journey.”

     Einbender believes that many people have helped her with her art career. 

     “Even though the art-making process is pretty insular, I’m usually alone in my studio making my work,” Einbender said. “It takes a village to truly showcase it, install my public art, have collectors, so it’s all about relationships in the larger picture of being an artist,” Einbender said. 

     Einbender sells her art for commission and enjoys being a part of people’s homes all over the country.

     “It’s been really fun to place my artwork in people’s homes and for them to live with it,” Einbender said. “It’s almost like they adopt my art and its part of their family.”

     Einbender hopes to continue growing her art career. She also encourages students to follow their passions and pursue art. 

     “I hope to just keep expanding my impact and my work around the world and really just raise the vibration of this planet through sharing my artwork with people around the globe,” Einbender said. “Art is really important for our world and our planet and you have a unique voice that is meant to really be heard or seen and art can make a difference in this world and so really just follow what you love.”

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