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Issue 1

September 27th, 2019

Administrators acheive new titles

MON. | 10-10-22 | NEWS

     This past summer, Rose administrators Darryl Thomas and Nydra Jones both took the next step in their careers and earned their doctoral degrees at East Carolina University. Thomas and Jones both earned their degrees in around four years. 

     Jones and Thomas both earned their doctorates in educational leadership. Although Jones and Thomas found the process rewarding, they faced many difficulties while completing their degrees. 

     “The most challenging part was having something done and you think it looks good,” Thomas said.  “But, then your dissertation chair says no and makes you start over.”

     One of the most difficult challenges Jones faced while earning her degree was completing her dissertation.

     “It was fun and I enjoyed researching and gathering the data,” Jones said. “But just the process of sitting down and writing, you really just have to schedule time to say, ‘I'm focusing on this and getting it done.”

     Jones’ dissertation was titled “Equity in Advanced Placement.” Jones examined a school based initiative to remove enrollment barriers. Jones worked specifically on making Rose’s Advanced Placement and honors classes more 


Photo by Maya Swaggerty 

of Rose’s make-up.

      Thomas’ dissertation was on how to implement restorative practices in schools. While he was principal at E. B. Aycock Middle, he did an action researach project in a few classrooms and noticed that in the classrooms they were implemented in, the amount of office referrals went down. 

     Because Jones and Thomas both had a full time job as an administrator while working on their degrees, they had to develop many different strategies to help balance school and work.

      “You can do it; you just need to be willing to put in the time,” Jones said. 

     One of the ways Jones balanced earning her doctorate and work was spending at least one hour every evening writing, regardless of her plans that night or the occasion. Thomas had other strategies for balancing school and work, such as taking his Saturdays off work to spend time with his family and friends. He also took an extra year on his degree when he started working at Rose so he could focus on the transition to a new school.

     After completing the requirements of their degrees, Jones and Thomas felt accomplished and ready to take the next step in their future.

     “The first thing they said was ‘Congratulations Dr. Jones,’” said Jones. “So when I first heard that, it was the biggest relief.”

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