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Writer values Oculus virtual reality set


     As the Oculus Quest 2 headset is placed over your eyes, the loading screen disappears and opens to the virtual reality (VR) world where an abundance of games and videos flood your vision. The Oculus is a game console that is put on your face and allows the user to step into the gaming world. The newest version of the Oculus, Quest 2, has offered small changes that make a big impact on the efficiency and visuals of the VR world. These new additions make the player feel as though they are literally stepping into the realm of whatever game they may play. The continuing advancement of technology has appealed to veterans and new game players alike as the Oculus continues to grow and improve. Now think back to 2018 when the film “Ready Player One” was released; the Oculus is similar to the Oasis. The Oasis is the VR world in the film “Ready Player One” and allows the user to be transported into another world, just as the Oculus does.

     The Oculus itself has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and in 2021, has become especially prominent within younger generations. With advertisements on platforms such as TikTok and VR being featured in films such as “Ready Player One”, a lot of people are curious to see what this virtual world has to offer. 

     Within the film “Ready Player One”, the Oasis had driven society so far to the point of obsession that it was a rare

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sight to see a human without a VR headset on. The hold that the Oasis had on people was taken to such an extreme level that lives were lost. The creator of Oasis, James Halliday, had created a quest throughout the VR world to find three keys and, using clues from his past life, only the most skilled and dedicated players would be able to accomplish this hunt. This quest would unlock a very special prize — ownership of the Oasis. But throughout the movie, the quest turns dark as users become greedy and cause trouble in the real world. As the plot continues to intensify, it is funny to see how society reverts back to living in reality and strays away from the Oasis. As technology in the modern day continues to advance, some aspects of “Ready Player One” are becoming encoded into younger generations. 

     Most people probably have that one relative or friend who has no idea how to work technology and always asks the youngest in the family to assist. This is simply because the younger generations have grown up with technology being an everyday part of life. As technology becomes a bigger part of life, similarities from “Ready Player One” become apparent. The Oasis and Oculus both allow users to escape the real world and problems in their present lives, which is extremely enticing. Although VR itself is not taking over society, cell phones and technology in general are having a significant impact. Tons of people every day are glued to their phones and waste money on games — I admit I am one of those people. It is interesting to see how technology works in society today and how it compares to “Ready Player One”.  

     Although technology has become a prevalent part of society, many people enjoy using the Oculus as it is such a different experience. Imagine getting to pilot a “Star Wars” spaceship or sitting at the security desk in “Five Nights at Freddy’s”— the Oculus makes that possible. The Oculus is extremely appealing because it makes these fantasies and dreams possible, just as the Oasis also allows people to do things that are not possible in real life. Even though the Oculus is a gaming console which some parents may dislike, it opens opportunities and inspiration for younger generations to see how anything is possible. Who knew that the player could be entirely transported into another world, surrounded by familiar characters and incredible visuals and become a part of the game? Despite the negative stigma surrounding video games and the disastrous outcomes associated with “Ready Player One”, the Oculus itself opens the door for further technological advancements, creative fulfillment and inspiration for future generations.

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