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Writer remembers Leslie Jordan’s legacy


     On Oct. 24, actor Leslie Jordan passed away at age 67 in a fatal car crash in Hollywood. Jordan’s death has left an impact on his large fan base, who are all devastated by this news. People all over the world paid tribute to his death with kind messages and posts on social media, reflecting on his contributions to others and how he will be remembered and missed by many. 

     As COVID-19 sent everyone into lockdown, Jordan’s social media platform on TikTok and Instagram went viral. He had 80,000 Instagram followers at the start of the pandemic, and by the end of quarantine reached over 5.5 million. His giddy personality was displayed through his funny videos, which were uploaded daily, catching the attention of a younger audience. This brought more joy into all viewers’ lives and also gave him a more diverse fanbase of all ages.                Jordan has been a part of the acting industry for quite some time as a comedian and actor. His big-hit role was on the sitcom show “Will & Grace''. His overall work paid off as he was a guest star on many shows. Jordan has won numerous awards; his most


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prominent award was his 2006 Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for “Will & Grace''. Jordan was also an Emmy nominee for Best Guest Performance in a Television Series for FX’s “American Horror Story: Roanoke”. This particularly interested me as I am a huge fan of “American Horror Story” and loved seeing his guest performances in the show. 

     Jordan’s appearances on talk-shows were extremely popular within the media and were definitely one of my favorite things that featured him. His witty humor filled the room with laughter from the audience. Jordan has been featured on the “Ellen Show” and has guest hosted for many other shows such as “The Talk”, who have also posted about his passing. The hosts reflected on the good times they shared with him during his appearances.  

     Even with all his accomplishments, Jordan was known for more than just his acting and comedy. He was a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and fans stated that it was nice knowing that they were supported by him and valued his openness about his sexuality for many years. During an interview with Pride Source in February of 2022, Jordan described his feelings towards himself as “comfortable with myself - who I am and what I am, and that’s a wonderful place to be.” This relayed the message to myself and fans that it is okay to be what you want to be, and to not judge others for what they are.

      As the media and others around the world mourn the death of Jordan, I’m glad that everyone is acknowledging the impact he had on society throughout social media and the acting industry. I will miss seeing his funny videos on TikTok and Instagram about random silly things he talked about in his day-to-day life. However, I will still find comfort in rewatching his guest appearances within multimedia projects and seeing the funny roles he would portray through characters. He will be tremendously missed and his impact will forever leave a mark on Hollywood. 

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